Hypnospace Outlaw: a window to the internet of the 90s and its websites full of animated gifs

If you want to be nostalgic for internet from the end Ninety because you are one of those who have the opportunity to meet him, Hypnospace Outlaw It is a video game that you should not miss. In this simulator we put ourselves in the shoes of the average person parallel internet in a other history you a device that allows you to surf the web while you sleep.

Think of internet surveillance in the 90s: this is the peculiar idea of ​​Hypnospace Outlaw

En Hypnospace Outlaw We step into the shoes of the “Enforcer”a type the person in charge of a intranet which can only be accessed during sleep use Merchantsoft’s HypnOS headbands. The location is very interestingand make the starting point and forgive navigate this parallel internet which very well respects the spirit of the network of this time and which in essence tells us how much we really eat habits have changed since then.

3D animations are very rudimentary, personal blogs that show too much disturbing information about their writing or pages saturated with gifs like the website that Homer Simpson set up in the next chapter of the series are the factors Characteristics of this time on the Internet, too Hypnospace Outlaw faithfully captures the spirit and purity of the early stages of the internet at the user level..

But, in respect of reality, In this network not all that glitters is gold. and as its watchers we will see for the first time that there are conflicting elements that exist only for their own amusement or take advantage of the worst. Although one of the first “cases” we deal with involves identifying only illegal crimes, As we progress through the game’s story we will encounter fraudsters and other cybercriminals which increases the security of the users of this network.

hypnospace outlaw


Hypnospace Outlaw’s internet is very reminiscent of the user communities that have emerged around real websites like Geocities.

In essence, There are many nods to the internet of 1999 and websites like Geocities and the different white pages that its users create. Of course, Not only is the beauty of the network at times associated with good integritytogether also the behavior of its users. From friendly relations between people who want to know others with honesty to gossip, advice and even theft in order to cause conflict or “run” Revenge” for the indiscretion. Yes a direct window into the human psyche.

The game of Hypnospace Outlaw consists of investigating the internet and collecting evidence to conclude the cases given to us as a network administrator. For him we must listen carefully to the questions of us, and use the few cutting abilities and tools that have been given to us. If at any time we get stuck, The game has a hint system semi-hidden that we can access through virtual payments.

hypnospace outlaw


Personal blogs like this one abound on the Hypnospace Outlaw network, referring to what you would find on the internet in the late 90s.

In addition to navigation itself, We also need to use different tools in our operation to help us in our worksuch as the purchase of an anti-virus to protect our PC from infection or the permanent effects of the event pop-ups. About the topic of diseases and other things malwarewe will suggest that There are reports of some bad sites from the early 2000s whose name we will avoid saying so as not to be sensitive. But the data is available.

His big problem is that It is entirely in English and there are no versions in other languages. This will not please everyone, but since Many games have the use of a search box to access specific content, basically it is impossible to translate it without having to remake it from scratch.

hypnospace outlaw


As supervisors, we must control the back doors and have access to “hidden” places such as the hosting of a user and thus see what they upload to the network.

As a curiosity, know that Hypnospace Outlaw tiene un spin-out en forma de Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer. This name is the first serial killer whose life is closely related to Hypnospace Outlaw; is presented as “The Dream Game” by Zane Loftonone of the Internet users we meet when checking the network connection.

5 reasons to play Hypnospace Outlaw

  • They are a nostalgic setting. Playing on different websites and blogs is pretty much what one would expect from an internet page in 1999.
  • Yes a brilliant performance in the telling of truth. The many lines of text that make up the game both on websites and on private messaging are pure gold.
  • They are varied sounds. We found everything from compilations based on existing MIDI music on many old websites to songs from fake scores on number pure and hard.
  • Many of the “puzzling” are very clever. and they want us to use our ability to log out and to know how to use real Internet browsers.
  • Those sense of reward every time we close a case. If we are honest and don’t look at the map, using our search skills is very useful.

Where can you play Hypnospace Outlaw and how much does it cost?

Hypnospace Outlaw is available on the following platforms at the following prices:

  • In PC in Room in digital format for €16.79. Also available in a bundle with Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer for €33.28.
  • In PC in Microsoft Store in digital format for €19.99. Also available in a bundle with Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer for €33.49. Both are available in the catalog of Game Pass for PC Now we have written these recommendations.
  • In PlayStation 4 in digital format for €16.99.
  • In Xbox One y Xbox Series X | S in digital format for €19.99. Also available in a bundle with Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer for €33.49. Both are available in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass at the time we wrote this recommendation.
  • In Nintendo Switch in digital format for €17.19.

Another Xbox Game Pass recommendation from Meristation

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