How you can request on the Internet the removal of waste and products from Sadeco in Córdoba

The municipal corporation Sadeco attend almost every month in person 4,000 procedures with private citizens, companies and organizations, and from now on many of them can participate in the internet, which according to the Córdoba City Council will contribute to a faster and easier again.

President of the city sanitation company, Isabel Albaexplained that the new system came into operation on Tuesday, affecting many areas such as Education, Communication and Work, and users will have access to many dimensions. Action.

In Education you can access the things related to activities and training, general application and registration and communication of events. In the office you can request the public recreation and waste service in commercial real estate. Everything can be used at this link.

The Sadeco website will also provide the ability to request and accept waste in Environmental Complex. Users will be able to change ownership, direct order of receipts, payment and reduce the cost of waste collection services, but also pest control.

Isabel Albás spoke about the expenses for the process that Sadeco did in person in 2022, and it was very high: they received 41,087 do, which means 3,424 per month. On the analysis there were 4,582 documents and more than 550 appointments were given.

The call, Albás explains, refers to the situation in the development of streets and garbage filled, while the signature process involves the process for transferring ownership and account verification. “Committing to digitization and making the process easy for citizens will benefit the public and they will be able to do it anywhere and at any time,” he said.

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