How to use Waze without internet

Today, navigation apps, such as Waze, have become essential for many drivers, presenting real-time routes and traffic information. To take advantage of its functions it is necessary to use mobile data, but it is also possible to use the app when you are in an offline area. Although it is not a method, this can help you. Here we show you how to use waze without internet.

How to use Waze without internet


Waze, unlike Google and Apple Maps, differs by its focus on the community. Active users participate by reporting real-time events and developing real-time maps. This interaction is possible thanks to an internet connection, which means that you cannot access these functions without it. For this reason, it is not possible to download maps for offline use in the application. However, there is a workaround that will allow you to use Waze even if you are offline.

To use Waze without internet, you need to set the route while the connection is active and then close it. So when you’re at home and using Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can set your goals before you leave. The app saves the configuration in its cache file, allowing you to view it offline. This is useful for planning routes in advance and avoiding problems when the internet connection is not consistent.

However, you should consider that if you close Waze, you will not be able to see the application until you reconnect to the Internet. Also, you don’t want to do the walking; Otherwise, the app will recalculate the route and you will lose your existing route due to no internet connection.

In addition, when viewing offline is working in Waze, you only have access to basic functions and there are no features that provide information in real time. For example, the app can’t calculate your average speed or give you turn-by-turn directions to understand traffic patterns.

Below, we explain in detail how you can use Waze offline.

How to set up routes and use them offline in Waze


Section 1: Open the Waze app.

Section 2: to play target search box and write where you want to go. You can use voice input.

Section 3: In the results, select your goal. Then tap Look at the methods.

Section 4: Choose one of the ways that appear, and then touch go now. You will find instructions to get there.

Section 5: Swipe from the top of the screen to expand Quick fix from your mobile phone (not by application).

Step 6: toca Mobile data o Wi-Fi deactivate the internet connection. After that, close the settings panel and continue using Waze.

How to save multiple routes for offline use in Waze

Section 1: When you have an internet connection, tap on menu icon (about three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

Section 2: Select Plan a trip and then tap the button + in the corner.

Section 3: Type your keyword in the search box or tap the microphone to speak it. Then, select it from the results.

Section 4: Set the date and time of departure that you like. Better yet, choose later than now. Otherwise, the secure address will disappear when the time comes.

Section 5: toca Keep in the upper right corner.

Step 6: Repeat these steps to add more maps.

Section 7: return to menu Plan a trip and select one of your saved maps.

Section 8: toca go now Start a trip and let Waze calculate the route.

Section 9: Disable your internet connection and revisit the app anytime.

Offline alternative: Google Maps

Google Maps.
Deepankar Verma/Pixabay

While Waze can allow you to save offline maps without permission, it can get you stuck if you close the app or don’t use it for a long time. If you want a more reliable alternative, you can use Google Maps. This app allows you to download tracks without an internet connection, and also has automatic updates when you are online and iconic turn-by-turn instructions.

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