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Three new profiles are created by LinkedIn every second, based on data from the social network itself. His development, together with the variety of companies and sectors found on the platform They have made it a popular medium for self-employed people and entrepreneurs dedicated to business and business development.

Jorge Suárez, a special consultant in LinkedIn, the director of LinkedGrowing, and the creator of La Factoría Azul, the first podcast on social networks, explained to this newspaper that “it has become in a device to facilitate the growth of sales in the industry. “This is because it is the most professional organization in the worldso most of the people can They are also available in this network. For this reason, “it is important to make the space, since Chatting with profiles that will interest us is direct“.

According to Suárez, it is not unusual for entrepreneurs have not tested or demonstrated their products or services many times, or have not been tested sufficiently before putting them on the market. That is where this type of channel completes its work, which can be very useful for personal work. Thus, the social network has become “the expression of potential people who create important communication.”

Freelancers should work on LinkedIn, not now

In many professional fields, the most important people in the work are available on LinkedIn, so it is important exists and that it will be active. The population of these businesses Most of them are other companies or freelancers, so it is interesting that they have a good idea. “If we see a product in a store that we like, but then, every time we try to go, it is closed, it is useless. The social network works in the same way, if the individual employee does not move in the network, no matter where he is, the customers will not come. “Suárez explained.

As Suárez explains, it is one of the companies that they work in that entrepreneurs “want results from the first moment” and in addition, the self-employed and those who do business responds to the profile that is involved with many problems, that’s why. “They don’t have time to spend every day looking at social networks“.

In this situation, the experts recommend is to have a plan, “which usually includes hiring or a direct consultant.”

The expert also talks about investing in LinkedIn from two perspectives: time investment and financial investment. Investing in time, many times, according to Suárez, “is the most difficult thing to do,” and necessary to succeed purpose What is searched with this social network:

  • Approach potential people.
  • Create a personal name that distinguishes them.
  • Position yourself as an expert in the field.

All this information shows important information “to take into account” when transferring business to social networks.

From there, there are two ways that freelancers can use to improve their business in social networks: using strategies that allow investment in LinkedIn Premium or hiring a consultant or expert in networks and content.

Is it worth it for freelancers to invest in LinkedIn Premium?

If the entrepreneur wants to use this network as means to reach your customers and promote your services, The LinkedIn Premium option offers several options, including the following:

  • Ability to ask for and give recommendations.
  • Search, visit and connect with the profiles of other LinkedIn users (in the first level).
  • Receive unlimited messages in InMail.
  • Save up to three searches.
  • Get weekly alerts about these studies.

At the same time, the network also has a premium option Presentation for sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigatorfrom 79.99 Euro per month. With this option, the entrepreneur will have access to your own crystal device. In addition, for self-employed people dedicated to business, there is a Core option, which Allow a 30-day free trial and access the following resources:

  • Enter the expansion network the LinkedIn.
  • Advanced search for potential people and companies. These studies are “segmented and flexible, and allow us to find specific profiles.”
  • Small CRM management. Customers and companies can save this research and the network performs a small analysis and management of them (for example, notices about job changes and news in departments company plan).
  • Enter for 50 InMail messages.
  • recommendations of potential clients and accounts.

The choice of this platform allows, depending on the network itself, to maximize the number of producers, to optimize the search and filter, to send personal messages and receive detailed business information and contact information, among other functions.

As a matter of fact, its research is advanced allowing you to “find potential customers based on specific criteria (location, industry, company size), which optimizes the research; also save, identify and track leads, allowing the entrepreneur to receive notifications by monitoring their activities“.

On the other hand, as a negative, although there is no limit to the different functions of the platform including payment, “when doing CRC, looking for contacts, etc. The possibilities are limited if we don’t want to make a commitment to choose“Also, for some time now, the number of personal invitations that can be made is also reduced,” the consultant clarified.

Special ideas that can be made with premium options

  • Target type. Search and validation of contacts of interest to the customer.
  • Give service by message.
  • Work as a team. On LinkedIn there are many communities that follow the discussion, allowing you to find new visitors by being part of these groups. “This option is less known, but it is another way to expand, because there are many forums with many members, even half a million people, and it allows us to reach these potential people even if they are not part of the direct contact of the autonomous, “see the consultant.
  • Publish the article. This option is to create important content, eg. in the form of a newsletter.
  • Use InMail direct messages. InMail messages allow several messages per month to be sent to customers, even if they are not from our network, directly. “If we search with a premium number, we can find new people who are not part of our network.” It has the disadvantage that “it’s a cooler idea,” as Suárez pointed out. Thus, “the message must be tempered by other secondary ideas.”
  • Multimedia content management of great influence.

The cost of hiring a LinkedIn manager is between 350 and 600 euros per month

A popular choice among the self-employed in the industry is to hire the services of a third party manage social media accounts and improve their results, including LinkedIn accounts.

In this case, “there are companies and sellers who delegate functions”, among other reasons, as mentioned above, They don’t have enough time to invest in these activities. It also happens with big companies, because their activities are highly compartmentalizedand “before putting the workers directly to do the work of the relationship, they decide to leave it.”

In this case, it would be Find the best funding and advice for what your business or self-employed person is looking for.. In general, consulting companies and third parties are available These services charge a fee. (price) every month, “because it is a job that is not done in a few days, but must be many constant efforts over a long period of time”, and it is also a thing build business networks from scratchthat is, “they do not have a profile or presence in the networks from the beginning and this part of the idea also needs to be created.”

The monthly fee, as Suárez explains, can vary from one consultant to another. A case, as you described, would be manage both professional and personal profiles“that can find the value of around 350 euros per montheven if it covers a service simple things“. In addition, there are customers who want control of all relationships, customers who only want content management, and others who only want to see and create products”, so prices are adjusted accordingly.

As Suárez pointed out, taking these elements into account, many things It can be up to 600 Euro per month, depending on the options you want to commit to.

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