How to download videos from BlueSky, the social network of the creator of Twitter

X is one of the most used forums in the world. But since the arrival of Elon Musk it has become a change that many users do not like. As an alternative to the app owned by the person who is also the owner of Tesla, we have BlueSky. Some apps that share the design with Twitter, which we can find the same more content and even video. We show you how to download them.

Download BlueSky videos

Although it currently does not have as many users as its predecessors, this relationship works in a similar way to the default Twitter and X now, but bridges the gap. Through their posts we can share our thoughts, comment on others, share them and even watch and download videos that other users have posted. Often these content disappear, because the users themselves decide to delete them, the fact is that we always want to have access to some videos and keep them, the same way doing so is deleting them.Download it from Bluesky.

Downloading videos from BlueSky
Downloading videos from BlueSky | TecnoXplora

Although it is something that we cannot do directly, since at the time we do not have this option from the app itself. Although we can choose this simple trick that allows us to save videos on our devices. This is nothing more than a website from there, b in place enabled for it. This time it is blueskyvideodownloader, which we can access through the Internet browser. That will allow us to do it without improving anything.

  • First of all, from Bluesky find the video what you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of the video in question.
  • When we get the link, we go to the previous website as well We paste the URLand press the download button start the process.
  • We can do it choose the path where we want to keep it
  • In this way we will get a copy of the video. The download time will depend in part on the size of the file and the speed of our connection.
  • When the download is complete We will see the video somewhere which we have previously chosen.

Let’s remember that too we can download movies in X although in order to use the extension, and in the same way, we must find the port and press the download button. In this case we can choose the solution that we want to download. This way, even if his owner decides to remove him from the relationship, we will have him at our disposal. Although we must remember that, if these are not our property, if we want to reproduce them, we must be the author of their owner.

We can download all the videos we want as long as we have the capacity of our devices to host them. Of the multimedia files that we can save, videos are the most popular, so we must take this into account when downloading and saving these.

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