How to build a strong brand on social media

How to build a strong brand on social media

How to build a strong brand on social media

Let’s be serious, is there anyone here who still believes that it is possible to use advertising in the company, without adequate business management? Don’t be embarrassed by this, as it is more than you think.

However, I don’t have good news. The lack of personal ideas and too many fads on social media have consumed a lot of resources and time, important assets for business to grow and sustain. Let’s talk about it in this article.

The customer journey is the foundation of your social media strategy

The purpose of a company in the social network is to be closer to its audience, do you agree? Therefore, whether to sell or strengthen your image, the best strategy is one based on the customer journey.

After all, it’s the path your customers use from the moment they encounter your brand until they buy your product/service. But it doesn’t stop there, that’s the catch. The purpose of the customer journey is to build loyalty so that they become your biggest supporters.

To build a strong brand in social media, try to create content and experiences that present and engage the public at all stages of the journey. ‘Raquel, but how to do that?’

Here are the instructions:

• Your voice and language should be the same in every conversation;
• Promote cooperation, encourage people to tag friends, comment and share;
• Provide personalized service that really works.

WhatsApp Business: the essential tool to promote your brand

And in terms of service, WhatsApp Business is one of the most powerful tools you can use, after all, the app is the favorite of Brazilians.

In addition to being incredibly useful, it allows you to improve your language and make better communication with the use of skills and dialogue.

Follow these tips:

• Create a company profile with all basic information, such as phone number, opening hours, etc.;
• Use language according to your request and maintain a clear voice in all interactions with your audience;
• With dynamic service, you answer questions faster and help the customer, better.

How to integrate WhatsApp Business into your marketing strategy

Think how powerful it is to combine social media and WhatsApp Marketing to promote your brand? Yes, you can create strategies that help engage these platforms with the goal of connecting with your audience.

In this way, always try to make the sound of the network and the service channels. Also effective use of WhatsApp Marketing to publish relevant content on social media. This way, you are not dependent on the algorithm to send the data.

However, it is important to invest in the knowledge of the process to understand what is most important and will work best in your relationship. Remember that these ideas are dynamic and keep pace with the ever-changing technology.

With love,

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