How many people in the world have conversations?

Communication is already a part of people’s daily life. But contrary to what might be thought, this is not a phenomenon limited to Brazil. According to research by Kepios, more than half of the world’s population uses modern technology.

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Facebook is the most used social network in the world

  • According to research, there are 5.04 billion people working in social networking in 2023.
  • This means that 62.3% of the world’s population regularly accesses the platform.
  • Facebook is the world leader, with three million active users.
  • Instagram, with 2 billion users, comes in second place, technically tied with WhatsApp.
  • Research proves the management of Meta, the owner of three companies in the ranking.
  • However, some analysts have pointed out that YouTube will have the most users in the world.
  • The problem is that Google does not release the phone numbers of users.
Facebook is the most used social network in the world (Photo: Bastian Riccardi / Unsplash)

The discussion has room to grow, says the study

Also according to Kepios research, the United Arab Emirates has the highest number of social media users for its citizens, followed by Bahrain and Kuwait. North Korea, whose citizens face many restrictions, including access to the internet, had no citizens who were online included in the survey.

The numbers also show a 5.6% growth in the use of social media by the global population compared to January 2023. The total time spent, however, fell to around 2h23 a day.

Brazil appears in the second list in numbers per citizen, with an average of eight numbers used regularly in social media or messaging, after only the United Arab Emirates, with an average of 8.3, and tied with the Philippines.

In terms of people’s favorite activities on the Internet, 94.7% said they connected to chat, while chatting was 94.3% favorite. Search tools and portals come in third (80.7%), followed by e-commerce (74.3%) and maps or sites (54.4%).

The study also shows that chatting on the phone is the most popular among young people between the ages of 16 and 24. In total, 53.5% of all users are men and 46.5% are women.

According to Kepios, the number of chat users is expected to increase further in the future. This is because 94.2% of the world’s population uses the internet regularly, but only two thirds use the device regularly.

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