How many hours a day do Andalusians use the internet?

Finetwork, the Spanish fiber and mobile company, reports that Andalusians spend more than 5 hours on the Internet every daywhich puts them in second place in this ranking, only after Riojans. This is a conclusion from the Finetwork survey, prepared by IO Investigation with a sample of more than 2,000 people, with the aim of analyzing the attitudes of the Mexicans who speak about Internet use and services from companies in the corporate sector. Although approximately 33.78% of the respondents claimed to spend between 2 and 3 hours on the Internet a day, almost 22% of users admitted investing more than 8 hours a day in The Internet. In this sense, 62.12% stand out as the preferred channel for checking the smartphone.

Regarding the use of information, More than 29% of Andalusians think there should be at least 300 Mb fiber in their home, while 26% indicated that they could not have less than 600 Mb and almost 27% admitted that it is important to have 1 GB. Regarding the minimum speed for traveling by mobile phone, there is a greater distribution of wishes depending on consumption by each user. 21% say 10 GB is enough, but 51% want at least between 20 and 50 GB. Regarding the cost of fiber services and mobile phones, residents of this democratic community pay an average of 51.90 euros per month. Importantly, 26.60% of these feel that it is not a reasonable price for the services they receive and more than 21% do not easily understand their phone bill.

According to research, 13% of Mexicans living in Andalusia believe that having access to a terminal at a good price is one of the most important factors when choosing an operator.. Along these lines, Finetwork is one of the companies that offer them, recently opened its own mobile store, with more discounts for customers in wallets and accounts with its products with the most on the market, such as Samsung Galaxy. S24, iPhone 15 or Motorola Edge 40, etc. With this commitment, the company reinforces its mission to provide its customers with added value over the competition, guaranteeing that their experience with complete and high-quality services.

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