How expensive is Kim Kardashian’s Tesla that she has been criticizing on social media?

Kim Kardashian He published a photo that did not go unnoticed by his more than 364 million followers on Instagram.

In it, You can see one of his cars parked, a truck Tesla Cybertruck.

Said car has a futuristic look and, as explained on the company’s website, It is made of stainless steel exoskeleton.

Its price in the United States It starts at almost $60,000 dollars, that is, more than 57 million of Chilean pesos. That price is from.

Plus this is it It has enough space for five adults and has a trunk in front, as well as in the back and “a secret.”.

These characteristics make it to be described as a strong friend for travel and adventure.

However, beyond the car itself, social media users are different They criticized that the model and business woman did not stop properly.

“He didn’t even stop in line”one of them was recorded on Reddit, according to The Sun.

Similarly, others throw their darts at the sight of the car, going somewhere They described it as “unbelievable” and “total monstrosity.”.

“Kimberly, you’re a billionaire, so stop the nonsense.”said one of those the haters from the star of the show Keep up with the Kardashians.

Check out the photo he uploaded below.

Kim Kardashian's expensive Tesla is what she has been criticizing on social media.
Kim Kardashian’s expensive Tesla is what she has been criticizing on social media.

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