How do you make authentic carbonara? These are the recipes we research the most on the internet

Marta Fdez.  Vallejo

April 7, 2023, 6:58 p.m

Who doesn’t talk about recipes on the internet? Turning to food sites, food blogs, cooks or cooking fans who share their creations is a common habit. And by looking at the recipes we leave our mark on the relationship and with that information we draw a map showing the preferences of consumers in a country, dishes or even that there is an influence of other cultures on what we eat.

Amalia Creus, expert in food communication and professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) says “90% of the population searches for food on the web,” «They are the most useful as cookbooks, they have videos where you follow the preparation of dishes step by step, it is more visual. And another: how quickly you access information, which is huge, and from everywhere,” added Reyes Ruiz, social media expert and blogger.

These conversations reflect social change. «There was a time when eating was a place reserved for family and friends, when the secret of the best dishes was in accordance with grandmother’s recipes. But our food supply is also affected by changes in society through digital technology. Now it is a more common sight. The Internet has taught us about food culture that is created, shared and enjoyed online,” he added. Who can tell us something about which preparations we research the most in Is Internet? Google has information.

Antique ghost. It is an Andalusian recipe. This cool, thick tomato juice is sweeping the internet. It is prepared with tomatoes, soaked hard loaf bread, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper, green pepper, garlic, sherry vinegar and, to decorate, ham, tuna and hard-boiled eggs.

Red summer.. Just bring red wine, water (usually soda, orange, lemon or lime-lime) and ice.

Carnival ears. They are flour, sugar, eggs, sweet anise, butter, orange and lemon zest and oil for frying. To serve them, they are sprinkled with sugar.

Salmorreta: the base of rice. Salmorreta is the basis of many rice dishes and stews typical of the Mediterranean coast. It is a sauce of garlic, chorizo ​​​​​​pepper pulp, saffron, fresh tomatoes and oil. All of it crushed.

Cookies. The traditional preparation involves baking a dough made with eggs, flour, vanilla essence, butter, sugar and yeast. There are many different things.

Marmite. It is potato and bonito stew, it has onion, green pepper, sweet paprika, carrot, garlic, fish broth, chorizo​​​​​​​​pepper, chilli, tomato and bay leaves. It is typical of Basque gastronomy.

Carbonara Original. It’s not made with sugar, mushrooms and bacon as you might think. It has three ingredients: eggs, cheese and bacon. The cheese is pecorino, but we can use parmesan.

Cod fritters. The creamy base that is fried – with olive oil – is made of cod, wheat flour, parsley, garlic, eggs, butter and yeast.

Quiche. It is a cake made of eggs, cheese and milk, in which all kinds of food are combined: vegetables, ham, mushrooms, tuna …

And this past summer:

He Andalusian gazpacho It was the most searched map last summer on Google by Spanish Internet users. This is shown by a report prepared by ‘’. He Cordoban Salmorejo: do you want more followers? It is another star of the summer, with almost as many searches as gazpacho, 125,000 on average monthly and a total of 850,000 questions in June, July and August Hello. The third ‘summer’ place to go Russian salad.

Inquiries about variations of gazpacho such as tomatoes are increasing. As for salmorejo, the most sought after ingredient is its ingredients and, in particular, one of them: ‘pan de telera cordobés’ which gives a special flavor to this dish.

Valencians, Catalans and Murcians are the most popular in the gazpacho recipe, while salmorejo arouses the passion of Riojans, Extremadurans and Andalusians. For their part, Galicians, Cantabrians and Asturians are the Internet users who most often search for Russian salad recipes.

The ranking of ‘cuinary’ queries in the gold months is done by the omelette, country salad, vichyssoise (hot or cold cream of leek and potato), white garlic (a type of gazpacho that is made with raw almonds), tuna tartare and seafood salpicón.

And in Europe…

  • Portugal: Pastels de nata

    The best sweets from the Belém neighborhood in Lisbon. They are cream and puff pastry desserts.

  • Ireland: coffee dessert

    A cocktail made of whiskey, sugar, coffee and sugar.

  • United Kingdom and Netherlands: Pancakes

    Thin and round dough, open to all kinds of connections. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or salty.

  • Belgium: Waffles

    Made with yeast dough and whipped egg whites and covered with sugar.

  • Italy: Merengue

    Made with whipped egg whites and sugar syrup

  • Germany: Pretzel

    It is a type of salted and baked donut in the shape of a bow. Most of them have no filling but have seasonings that improve their flavor (onion, garlic, butter, sesame, salt…).

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