Hello, Yara! Far Cry 6 will no longer have an update

The Far Cry 6 cycle has come to an end. Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will no longer receive updates. The servers will continue to function normally, but there will be no patches or additional content. That doesn’t come as a surprise, given that rumors about the next game in the franchise are already in development.

It is worth noting that the title has many more features after its release, such as Breaking Bad skins and DLCs featuring the series’ villains. The last major update was the Lost World expansion, released in December of last year.

After Hope 6…

Now the focus is on Far Cry 7. New rumors of Far Cry 7, supposedly titled Project Blackbird, surfaced last month. According to Insider Gaming, the game will arrive in the last quarter of 2025. It will be under development from Ubisoft Montreal and will not use Dunia graphics engine, but rather Snowdrop.

The report also suggests that the main story of Far Cry 7 will involve a group called “Children of Truth”. They will kidnap the actor’s family in a mysterious way and encourage the hero to start hunting for his relatives. Learn more by clicking here.

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