Hear the voice of the sun with the seven planets

An article has been accepted for publication by a scientific journal The Planetary Science Journalavailable in the preprint repository arXiv, bringing the latest update to the Kepler exoplanet candidate catalog. On sight is a star that is surrounded by seven alien planets – which can be heard.

About the Kepler catalog:

  • The Kepler space telescope is NASA’s first exoplanet hunting mission;
  • For nine years, the spacecraft explored part of the Milky Way in search of worlds outside the Solar System;
  • Even five years after the end of the mission, Kepler’s scientific images are still being investigated, due to the enormous amount of data that has been obtained;
  • In the latest update, a particular star system catches the attention of astronomers.

In the center of this system is the star Kepler-385, which is about 10% larger and 5% hotter than the Sun. lamp.

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With a radius slightly larger than Earth, the first two exoplanets travel around the star completely in 10 and 15 days, respectively, and may contain rocks. If they have air, it should be thin.

The other five are larger items, but not to the point of being considered huge. Everything indicates that they are super planets, with twice the radius of our Earth, surrounded by a thick atmosphere.

All seven planets are well within the inner limits of the habitable zone – but they are too hot to support life as we know it.

Sonification of the planets of the Kepler-385 system

Among the interesting things discovered by astronomers is the fact that the two inner worlds and our outer worlds are in resonance, and their time rotation is synchronized, which is translated into happy sonification.

The catalog of candidate planets discovered by the Kepler mission is the largest and most consistent list of exoplanets ever created, according to Jack Lissauer, a scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. and director of new editions in the catalog.

“We have compiled the most accurate list of Kepler’s planet candidates and their properties to date,” he said in a statement, adding that this analysis will allow scientists to further investigate the characteristics of these products.

Further observations will confirm whether or not the world is a physical object in the Kepler-385 system.

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