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There are times when we need to connect to the internet, even if you don’t have to pay your balance or it’s all, however, if you need a fast connection, you can do that at one of the thousands for free. Enter the details that the city has. CFE, which has a network available even in remote areas, we tell you everything you need to know to connect to its network or even how to get a free SIM! just pay for one of their very cheap packages, which for example will cost you about $30 a month.

What does CFE say about this service?

According to the Federal Electricity Agency (CFE), its free Wi-Fi service, called CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos, a government-owned company, aims to provide services ineffective in communication, to guarantee entry into the company. the right to information and communication technologies, including broadband and the internet. In addition, it ensures that it finds the ability to provide technology products and services, including computer and communication technology development, as well as other relevant resources. related to their development and support.

Where to connect for free?

The Federal Electricity Authority has completed free Internet content in public places, parks, health centers, hospitals, schools, public lighting good post and community. Its main function is to connect to many unserved sites, you can check that complete report.

Step by step to connect

If you have already located the entry point of the map above, it is only a matter of a few simple steps:

  1. Turn on WiFi on your mobile phone or other device.
  2. Look for the network called “CFE Internet”.
  3. Connect.
  4. He will give you a small form, accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click “link” and enjoy your free connection.

Get your free chip

CFE SIM cards are completely free. To buy them, you just need to buy one of their prepaid packages. These are the prices available:

$45 SIM Day Pack:

– 4GB (2GB to 512kbps)

– 250 minutes

– 125 SMS messages

– Valid for 3 days

– Hotspot available

CFE Internet interface, credit to CFE

– Tarifa registered before IFT (Folio: 586961)

$100 SIM Day Pack:

– 20 GB

– 1,000 minutes

– 500 SMS messages

– Valid for 15 days

– No hotspot

– Tarifa registered before IFT (Folio: 586936)

$30 Monthly SIM Pack:

– 1 GB

– 100 minutes

– 50 SMS messages

– Valid for 30 days

– No hotspot

– Pre-registration fee IFT (Folio: 727264)

There are also other monthly, semi-annual and annual package options with different data and services available.

Check if your phone is compatible

Not all smartphones are compatible with the network provided by CFE SIMS. To determine this, it is important that you know your IMEI. If you do not know this number, you must dial * # 06 # on the device you plan to use in our network. If you have a dual SIM capable phone, make sure you call from SIM slot 1.

Here you can buy your SIM

CFE has two versions for free, one eSIM and the other conventional, the conventional one can be bought in 233 different places, find the nearest point of sale at THIS LINK.

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