GTA 6: leaks reveal new gameplay and mechanics of San Andreas

A hidden interface of a must test version of Grand Theft Auto 6 show details about the mechanics of the next game. Posted on Reddit, the resource shows information about dynamic animations, interactions with NPCs (non-playable characters) and churches.

The discovery of a Reddit user named Tobbelobben was in the AI ​​debugging interface of the experimental design. GTA 6. It has many experimental options whose names are expected to have the characteristics of a new open world game.

GTA 6Reddit users have listed a lot of information about GTA 6Font: Reddit

Among the new features found are The movement process, its purpose is to guarantee the activation of the game’s NPCs to react to the environment.. The system will be done by working on expressions, gestures, thoughts and facial expressions.

Visual techniques are not only used for humans: the intelligence of animals in the world will also be improved. According to the guide, the game fauna will behave like the animal inside Red Dead Redemption 2 and there are even horses that can do it.

NPCs with memory

One of the resources found in the menu, “AIMemory”, indicates where NPCs come from GTA 6 will be able to remember the player’s actions and make decisions based on them. The character can be done by “PersistentCharacter”, a function that can allow to remember interactions with the character.

Faction system

Em GTA 6, Rockstar may release a group. Features seen in the map indicate that NPCs will be able to gather in gangs, just like they did in GTA San Andreasand fight for dominance over certain areas of the city.

GTA 6 may have a new category similar to GTA: San Andreas.GTA 6 may have a new category similar to GTA: San Andreas.Source: GTA Wiki

There is still no clear information about the resources, but the names in the guide show that the group can have different types of battles, can define the group and create more activities in a group.

The release date is not yet known

Unfortunately, the release date of GTA 6 is still a mystery. Until now, there is no important information even about the release of the game’s first trailer, although the community has speculated as much in recent weeks.

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