GTA 6 has received a release window

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Long awaited by critics and the public, GTA 6 continues without any updates from Rockstar Gamesbut accordingly Quick 2a trusted franchise insider, behind the scenes development is busy.

In advertising in GTAForumsHe pointed out that the creative team planned the release window for the North American spring 2025. That is, between March and June.

In addition, the possibility of a full presentation happening later this year, in celebration of the studio’s 25th anniversary, around December, cannot be ruled out.

The game should just arrive PlayStation 5, Xbox series and PCs.

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For the first time in the franchise, there will be a playable female protagonist. The woman, who is Latina, will be one of the protagonists of the story “influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde”.

Also, this team is “very careful” with his jokes, because there is no goal to cross the line of marginalized groups, compared to previous games.

‎ The single-player map, which will present the facts of Miami (everything shows that it is the Classic City of Vice) and its surrounding areas, will receive updates from time to time , added “new jobs and the city is constantly changing”.

There are even hopes that we will have more interior spaces than other titles in the franchise, with the goal of being independent.

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