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The province of Tucumán is experiencing a summer revolution with the emergence of Gran House Tucumán, the illusion of Big Brother that is all the rage on social media.

This reality, which opened its doors last Friday, received 20 participants, a mix of “influential people and ordinary people”, who promised to is the actor of this new entertainment that has gone from being a simple show to becoming a phenomenon. .

The producer and host of the program, Mariano Villafuerte, expressed his surprise at the popularity of the program and confirmed in an interview with FM La Tucumana 95.9: “The This started as a mockery, the joke went viral. The format has nothing to do with Big Brother, but since it has unity and 20 participants, it’s the same. The difference between the country’s reality shows that the participants are two less than usual, they will enter and leave the hotel, they are not going to be together 24/7: they go to meet them in the city center. or in nightclubs.”

Among the chosen candidates are well-known people in networks and others less, but they all share the dream of achieving fame and success.

Speaking about the strength of the program, Villafuerte announced that new games that engage the children are being prepared, in addition to weekly debates and surprising tests with the gifts for the happiness of the participants. Strict rules are in place, including banning cell phones in the home and demanding respect among contestants.

And he explained: “One day a week there will be debates, weekly tests, games and art will be put together, one of the five new chapters. If they don’t follow the rules, they will be registered or removed. “

Regarding the duration of the program, it is expected to last three months, during which the viewers will be able to follow the wishes, friendships and competitions that occur between the participants . The participation of Tucumán citizens will be easy through Instagram and the participation of WhatsApp.

Is there a reward? “Cash for the winner and weekly quizzes will have surprise prizes,” Villafuerte said.

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