Google started testing a project to find our personal information on the internet and delete it

Phishing, vishing, smishing… Cybercriminals use many methods in which they try to get the personal information of their victims. Social engineering attacks have become the stripes that are easier to bite. But What if the information that should be confidential is available to you after a simple search in the browser?

Filtering, or “reduction” as they are known in the cybersecurity environment (as they say in English), means that the internal information of the State, company or organization, which is not designed for the public, be informed. There are many types of leaks, from minor to more serious.

In fact, three weeks ago, Argentina is the leader of the big leak. The first happened at the beginning of the month, when a cybercriminal lawyer put in a meeting on the ground and Telegram photos of Argentines were extracted from the system associated with Renaper. The second is when the same user has uploaded the data of the user of The nose, a widely used site that provides “personal information” and includes addresses, documents, phone numbers and other information such as employment relationships and financial information . And last Wednesday another one from Renaper appeared.

Taking these factors into account, it is not a small thing to say that Google has started a new project with the aim of strengthening the privacy of its users. The search engine in the business just uses a device that it can find personal information such as your name, your phone number or your ID that is displayed on the Internet without protection.

Below, how you can activate this Google function to remove this information from your navigation bar.

And it never hurts to remember what the dangers of data breaches are.

How the Google system works

Hackers are looking for compromises to exploit.  Photo PexelsHackers are looking for compromises to exploit. Photo Pexels

This new Google functionality should reach all users, although if you try to open it now, you will be able to come across the following message: “This tool is not yet available in your region“. The problem is that in Argentina it is not yet available, so it seems that to use it you will have to use a VPN and change the connection location.

However, these are the steps we will follow to use this function:

  • Open Google and go to the ‘Results about you’ section from this link:
  • Once in this window, select “Search”, click “Start” and click “Next” below.
  • Add your personal information that you want Google to track, such as your name, zip code, email, or phone number. Multiple entries can be made in each field. Finally, make sure all the information you want Google to monitor is included.
  • Configure how you want to receive notifications. You can choose email notifications, automatic notifications (in the browser itself) or both.
  • Finally, a pop-up will appear on your screen with the message: “We are watching.”

Google will notify you if any of the information you have listed appears in its search engine. It should be remembered that Google cannot remove your personal information from the Internet, but it can remove it from Google Search, making it difficult for other users to find it. and access your information.

The user himself may have provided this information or it may have been published through a leak, but what Google can do is to make it invisible. for those who use it for malicious purposes.

With information from La Vanguardia

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