Google Fiber begins 20 Gb/s home internet testing with Wi-Fi 7 routers

Google Fiber
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O Google Fiberthe high-speed internet division of Google, is starting to test at 20 Gb/s home internet with Wi-Fi 7 routers in select areas of the United States. The company did not specify which location will receive the test, but interested parties can apply and check availability on the GFiber Labs website, Google’s innovation incubator. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

In order to help users reach the advertised speed, the company will send users to choose their own new Wi-Fi 7 router. Google credits Nokia’s 25G PON technology for enabling 20 Gb/s internet, bringing users past the so-called 10 Gb/s barrier.

An initial test of 20 Gb/s was launched last year at the University of Missouri School of Science and Engineering in Kansas City, which uses large bandwidth to run big data and virtual reality applications. In May of this year, Google opened the test for some businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations in Raleigh-Durham, Huntsville, Salt Lake City, and Austin.

The company launched the GFiber Labs innovation hub late last month to run 20 Gb/s tests and beyond. Google hopes to eventually reach 100 Gb/s and maybe beyond.


Restricted access to Google Fiber

Google Fiber is only available in certain areas of the United States, but these areas have access to high-speed internet (although not 20 Gb/s). The search giant offers 8 Gb/s connection in the area of ​​West Des Moines for $150 per month and 5 Gb/s service for $125 throughout the city, Kansas City and Salt Lake City.

An important 20 Gb / s push, Wi-Fi 7 routers just hit the market. Standards for the new system won’t be finalized until next year, but some companies, including Google, have released pre-certified standards.

One of the first Wi-Fi 7 routers came from TP-Link last year. Asus announced a Wi-Fi 7 gaming router at Gamescom in August, and Amazon announced a Wi-Fi 7 extension for its Eero series last month. Linksys launched its first Wi-Fi 7 mesh router this week.

This device is mostly for future proofing, as understood some devices currently support Wi-Fi 7. Intel predicts that compatible PCs will become more common in the coming years , in time for the last lesson.

Each time faster

Google Fiber’s 20 Gb/s home internet test is an important step for the company and the telecommunications industry as a whole. It shows that Google is committed to providing its customers with the fastest internet, even in areas with less competition.

The fact that Google is providing participants with custom Wi-Fi 7 routers is also important. This shows that the company is confident in using the new Wi-Fi standard and is committed to helping its customers use more than 20 Gb/s internet service.

Overall, the Google Fiber trial is good news for consumers. It shows that telecommunication companies are investing in new technologies to provide faster and more reliable internet. It also indicates that Wi-Fi 7 has become a reality and soon customers will be able to take advantage of its faster speeds.

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