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On the 8th of November, the Earth Day without Wifi since it was published International Environmental Federation (FAI) in 2016. Its purpose is to demonstrate the risk of wireless communication, which according to its director, Joan Carles López Sancho, “electricity is received directly and continuously of hands and head due to contact with devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops etc., represent a silent risk that affects the central nervous system .” However, today it is very difficult to think of one life without Wifi. Because it is not helping us to have mobile interneton the computer or on the TV, as many would think no further.

With an internet connection you can do a lot morelike controlling our heating on a cold day from a mobile phone and before arriving at home, updating the menu of our kitchen robot to make new dishes or asking the vacuum cleaner house washing to clean the whole house while we like to have fun.

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Below are some of the Cheaper than the cost to have internet and Wi-Fi connection at homefrom 22.99 euros per month.

Simyo, the cheapest of all: 100Mb from € 22.99

The ‘low cost’ company that uses Orange’s network service has the cheapest fiber rate, although it is also the only one that offers it. Including 100Mb, to have wifi at home without a phone and without a phone line. The price goes up to 29.99 euros per month for 1GB, with two average prices. In addition, there are also a few Simyo provided by combined fiber and mobile, with unlimited calls, between 36 and 40 euros.

Jazztel has the cheapest price-only price on offer: 24.95 euros

This cheap operator is approved at the beginning of the course with a special price of 20 euros aimed at students contract only fiber for 9 months. Now, the promotion has changed and the price is a little higher, 24.95 euros, but it is true value forever. On the website you can promise, for a limited time, this fiber only available do 28.95. included 300Mb to have wifi at home and phone, even if you have to pay for each call. The router and installation is free, but it has a 12-month warranty.

Other options on the Jazztel website include 500Mb for 30 euros, 1GB for 31 euros or the possibility of adding 2 phone lines with 30GB for 43.95 euros per month.

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Lowi also has its cheapest price for 24.95 euros per month

The cheap company Vodafone always keeps its prices among the cheapest. Fiber of 300Mb costs 24.95 euros per month; the 600Mb price of 29.95; and 1GB one goes up to 34.95 euros.

In addition, this past summer it improved the conditions of its mobile fiber network without increasing prices. Because it has increased fiber 600 Mb to 1Gb control price 42.95 euros in the price combined with 75GB and unlimited calls to the smartphone, although there are other cheaper ones, from 31.93 euros with 300Mb and 20 GB for the mobile phone. In addition, it allows you to add additional lines from € 2.95 per month.

MásMóvil: 1GB of fiber for 24.99 euros per year

The price of MásMóvil’s cheap fiber is 24.99 euros. There are two options for that price: 300Mb or 1GB of symmetric fiber for 12 months. The difference is that they later increase to 29.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per month respectively. Both include landlines with unlimited calls. A combination of fiber and mobile Cheapest part of anythings 39.90 Euro per month, with 500Mb fiber and phone line with 50GB and unlimited calls.

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02, affordable price, without restrictions or penalties: from € 27

The affordable Movistar company also offers affordable prices and support for fiber. One of its strong points is that it has no security or penalties. From 27 euros including 300Mb fiber as well 21 euros, 1 GB. In addition, both offer unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles from landlines.

Yes, yes we added a mobile line, the price goes from 35 to 50 euros. For prices that include from 300Mb to 1Gb in home fiber and from 35Gb to 200Gb in telephone.

Yogo, from 28.80 euros

The cheapest price, with 500Mb fiber at home and calls to the phone, costs 28.80 euros per month for 12 months, and then increases to 4 euros. To attract customers, Yoigo provides instant Netflix for customers of integrated fiber plus mobile packages. The price with 500MB and 25GB for mobile costs 45 euros. With 45GB for the mobile phone it goes up to 52 euros. With 1GB of fiber and another GB for mobile, 62 euros. And the most successful is the price of 67 euros, which Includes Amazon Prime service. All have unlimited calls and landlines.

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