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Recently, Mexico City, Mexico, implemented new projects to improve security and communication between its residents and visitors. One of these services is free internet, which is distributed throughout the city.

Mexico City, known by many people as CDMX, from its meaning, is one of the most important and populated cities in the country, as well as one of the new and constantly growing, two both in the city and the population, as defined virtual platform of the CDMX government.

In the same way, he said that one of the projects that his services in security and communication were the best. For many years now, the use of security cameras left open the possibility of a new project, which is now called ‹‹internet for everyone››.

‹‹ Internet for everyone ›› is a project in which the Mexican authorities have installed around 31 thousand connection points spread throughout the city where anyone can connect to work in The Internet is not free.

This free internet is part of the security system of Mexico City, since it uses a bandwidth that is often used by the police to connect to the city’s surveillance cameras , all these are managed by the organization of C5 of CDMX.

The C5, or CDMX Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center, is a government agency in charge of security and communications in Mexico City.

Thanks to this we can be sure that the Internet connection we have in these free networks will be safe. However, the same authorities advise their users not to share important or personal information just to prevent attacks from cybercriminals.

All these points in CDMX are usually marked with advertisements that show where the free Wi-Fi area is, it’s just a matter of finding one in the city, in addition, you can search check the network directly from your smartphone. .

To connect to these networks you just need to search for them on your device, in most cases, they will have a name similar to “CDMX Internet for everyone”, press it and it will connect , voila, with that you will be able to surf the Internet. from this free network.

Of course, be aware that depending on the connection you choose and the number of people connected, it will be the speed at which you will browse the Internet, sometimes slow, sometimes it is normal , everything will depend on the situation and the place.

Even if you are one of those people who are careful, you can search in the Virtual Map of Wifi Points areas with free internet access. With more than 34 thousand Wi-Fi points, it will not be a problem to find one near you.

The “internet for all” service is implemented as part of a project that plans to turn CDMX into one of the most connected and safest cities in the country, or even in the world.

It will not be necessary to provide all information, local people and foreigners can connect, it is a great help in times when our internet plan or smartphone balance how, or any emergency.

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