Fraud on the Internet with renting a house in Pamplona

He used a prepaid phone in the name of a woman who did not live and collected the swindled money in a bank that he opened with the son of his former romantic partner, unbeknownst to him. But in the end His fraud with the rent of Pamplona was discovered y The Prosecutor’s Office requested a two-year prison sentence for him and returned the 510 euros he requested earlier.

The accused person use a reputable advertising website to offer, in June 2021, the rental of a house in the Navarrese capital. I asked him 510 €, one. although this lease “never occurred.”

At the end of that month, a woman called the number listed in the ad, interested in the apartment. They arranged to meet him on June 29, but before the meeting he had to transfer 510 euros, an account that the defendant had opened in the name of his ex-partner’s son. The victim has changed and also submitted a copy of his ID and employment contract. The defendant seized the money, the plaintiff continued, but “he didn’t help pay the rent or return the advance.” The trial will be closed soon in the Criminal Court in Pamplona.

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