Fraud in buying and selling online (REPORT)

If you plan to buy or sell something online, be careful because you can be scammed by cybercriminals.

Cybercrime uses the facades of well-known e-commerce companies to buy and sell goods and services, in order to deceive its victims.

This model is called “the fraud of buying and selling”, and according to the National Police, it is the second form of fraud most reported so far in 2024, up to 81 complaints nationwide. According to reports, criminals have managed to appropriate 391,189 individuals and more than 21,000 dollars so far.

And how they succeed lying for his victims? Those cybercriminals They use deception and manipulation.

For example, in the case of criminals known as “Irregulars of the Free Market”, a few people buy things on various websites on the internet. The couple lured their victims into the site to buy and sell goodies, asking for their emails and personal information under false pretenses. When this information is received, they send an email with the appearance of a real company, simulating a payment confirmation and then wait for the victim to fall into the trap.

This modus operandi was explained by the police chief, Raúl Valladares, head of the police division. fraud and fraud.

“The men sent the technological assets (from Trujillo) to the city of Lima, to the transportation center in the district of La Victoria, which is the police station of the group This person went to affect the car, already in the car we not only found the incriminated assets, but also other assets, such as other assets pointed to high-end phones of hands and computers that cost approximately 45 thousand each,” said Raúl Valladares.

To avoid detection, the scammers They tricked a woman, using her ID from 2023 to collect items. Now, this young woman has 12 complaints fraud In the area of ​​Arequipa, Cajamarca, Lambayeque and Pisco. The investigation will determine if he is part of this group of suspects or if he is a victim.

Growing cybercrime modalities

Carlos Cruzado, an expert in cybersecurity of the Autonomous University of Peru, confirms that the change of fraud “Buying and selling” is closely related to another type of fraud called “phishing.”

“Phishing” is a technique that involves companies or organizations to obtain sensitive information of a victim. According to the expert, the expansion of artificial intelligence has also led to the progress of this fraud.

“Now these the scammers They follow trusted sources, for example, such as banks, companies or popular online services, always send emails, text messages even phone calls that seem legitimate, but but it is false. These changes have grown this year, for example, Peru is one of the countries most affected by phishing in recent years according to statistics they said that phishing has increased six times, which yes, for more time than it is only in Latin America with competition. resume the work of the economy and with the support of the skills,” said Carlos Cruzado.

And how to avoid being abused fraud when selling or buying online? Otto Vidal, director of Lidera Digital and an expert in intelligence, offers the following recommendations.

“First, do not believe the advertisement, the advertisement is amazing and unbelievable because it is very likely that it is fraud“Secondly, if it is a matter of buying and selling, let’s look at the reputation of the seller and the buyer and the number three, let’s be very jealous of our important information and more of our financial information,” said Otto Vidal. .

The performance of the fraud digital lies in the tactics used by criminals, and in the religious and technological ignorance of the people used to make their victims. Experts agree that education in digital security is important to reduce the incidence of these incidents and prevent the Internet from being used as a criminal tool.

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