Found to “save” Bungie after Destiny 2

The past few days have not been easy for Bungie. The company has laid off around 100 employees and was heavily criticized by fans of its flagship game, Destiny 2, on social media. And one of the journalists reporting on the topic, Paul Tassi, from Forbes, wrote an article about some important points of the “new phase” that the company has passed.

An important thing to take into consideration is that the release has no relationship with Sony. On the contrary, in fact. According to many sources, the fact that the Japanese giant has acquired the studio is important for him to continue working. This happens because the recent performance of futuristic FPS is not near the performance needed to control the team.

Now, obviously, the residents are not happy about the way. Especially since there will be a lot of pressure on Destiny 2’s final, major expansion: The Final Form. Over time, content is seen as a potential drain. The board wanted (and wanted) him to be the best ever – not like Renegades or The Taken King.

And, according to reports, at least in the current development, it seems that everything is going in that direction. Both tournaments and multiplayer are currently in the schedule and seem to have the right content to attract fans. It remains to be seen how the change of the group will be after the resignation – something that has not yet happened and which should have a significant impact on the area of ​​​​PvP and the safety of players, who were greatly affected by the departure.

Bungie has reportedly postponed Marathon to 2025

With the cancellation, Bungie continues to plan its next steps. Starting with the Destiny 2 expansion “Final Edition”, which will be postponed from February to June 2024. In addition, but the Marathon game has been postponed until 2025.

The delay is also Schreier’s data. He cited sources familiar with the situation at the studio, but who asked not to be identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Remember: As neither Sony nor Bungie has confirmed the delay, treat this section of the article as a gossip.

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