For the first time, the Internet enabled the use of regional media

The Internet made use of the media in Murcia for the first time

  • Foreign media suffered a decline of 2% and was relegated to the second position, followed by recommendations and online TV, both increased.
  • AVANTE, an independent media agency, examines the behavior of Murcian consumers in a regional report based on data from the 1st wave of the EGM 2024

Murcia, April 26, 2024. In the region of Murcia, in terms of access, the first time there is a bypass of the digital ecosystem, the Internet, compared to the outside environment, which suffers a a small decline of -2.02%. It was followed by the TV medium (both on TV and online) with an increase of 3.74% and 1.20% respectively.

This is clear from the regional report prepared by AVANTE | The media agency that adds, with data from the first wave of the General Media Study (EGM) 2024. AVANTE examines in detail which are used the most by Murcians and clearly shows that their audience See how things have changed in Radio, Internet, Foreign News. and correspondence since the last EGM.

Changes in customer behavior, the consolidation of hybrid operating models have slightly increased Internet penetration in our country in recent months. The Internet is positioned as the leader in broadcasting in the region of Murcia in terms of access, for the first time in recent years. In the fifth position is RRSS which is firmly in the panorama of new customers.


It is worth mentioning the loss in radio by -4.52% and Radio Online by -4.65%, compared to the last EGM in 2023, placing them in sixth and seventh positions 100 years old in Spain and the total number of listeners stands at 23.915.000. Broadband radio registers 12,927,000 daily listeners; thematic radio: 13,965,000 listeners every day and music radio, 12,729,000.

The most important news from the national EGM is that Onda Cero is the largest station. However, at the regional level, there is a decrease in the use of radio. It can be seen in Onda Cero as well, because it does not follow the country and its audience has decreased by 6,000 users.

Although in terms marked by an increase in the consumption of content on demand, we see that the biggest percentage increase of all advertising is Cinema, which goes from 2.12 points to 6.19 of access to Newspapers also enjoyed a slight increase compared to the fall.

AVANTE is the only media outlet that, in addition to preparing the national EGM report, breaks down the conclusions from the management community. A clear reflection of the regional idiosyncrasy of AVANTE, now in 14 offices (Madrid, Vigo, Barcelona, ​​​​Santiago de Compostela, Gijón, Bilbao, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Alicante, Seville , Málaga, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca and Miami) take advantage of local knowledge, stay close to your customers and advise them on planning promotional campaigns.

Along with other regional reports in AVANTE

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