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Even when you are about to win a video game online or in the middle of a marathon of your favorite series streaming on TV or even in an important call with your mobile phone on WhatsApp, the key to everything is having a fast internet at home.

The peace of mind that comes with a stable and fast internet connection allows you to work efficiently in many activities, such as socializing, learning, and various forms of entertainment.

Clear there is good news for you: now you can get double the speed at home for life. These benefits don’t last for 6 months or just for a year, they are for life as long as you are Full Claro.

How to make it clear? To complete Claro you must have Claro in your home with coaxial fiber or fiber internet with 1 Play from S/59, 2 Plays from S/69 or 3 Plays from S/149 a month, and Claro on your cell phone with a plan Max from S / 29.90. With these two services you get all the benefits without having to pay extra. That is, you can enjoy double the speed of your plan by paying the same amount.

Make the most of your two speeds

We leave you four tips to get the most out of your network speed:

Look for the good router. It is best to have it one and a half meters from the ground and do not put it on glass or metal or near equipment.

Keep your router away from distractions. Examples: microwave ovens, wireless devices and baby monitors. Also from obstacles such as walls, ceilings and closed windows.

Cable before wifi. Are you a gamer? Remember that the fastest you will get from your connection will always be from a cable network.

Use Claro Smart Home. This is one thing app Claro allows you to manage your home services quickly and easily. You can see the amount of internet speed you have at home, reset your router, view Wi-Fi connected devices, check the accuracy of your service, and more.

With Full Claro, you are at your home search to the fullest. Remember that all Claro is not a plan or a product: it is a free benefit created for all Claro customers who have Claro internet at home and on their mobile phones.

This benefit is not for six months or a year: it is for life. Take advantage of what Claro has for you and enjoy its benefits in your home.

If you want to know more about Claro Hogar plans and Max plans, their coverage and other restrictions, as well as conditions to enjoy double the speed and other benefits that Full Claro gives you, go to – clear.


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