Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have two “versions” of all the game’s quests

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Red XIII

When Final Fantasy VII Remake it is linear, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It will get bigger and bigger, allowing you to explore the vast swaths of the world outside of Midgar.

It won’t be open world, but it will still be more open than its predecessors. This also applies to the flow of the main story, which may not happen exactly the same way as the original game.

There is a special plot in the PS1 game that affects the character Red XIII, something that the developers of the game Rebirth They have to adapt a little.

The same thing you do after Midgar in Final Fantasy VII The first is to visit a place called Cosmo Canyon, where you soon find out that red XIII’s real name is Nanaki. You also learn some of his background about his father, who he believed to be cruel, but turned out to be the opposite, something that affects his behavior .

According to the director of RebirthNaoki Hamaguchi, in an interview with Screen Rant (of VG247), this is something that they tried to represent all the roles in the game.

“The little fun thing I want to share about this is in the first place, you may remember Red XIII, if you go to Cosmo Canyon, once there, your character changes a little, ” said Hamaguchi. “And considering that his personality changes, we made it so that every character in the game has a Red XIII version and a Nanaki version. So for people, he has all the options available for that.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024 for PS5.

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