Fiber optic and high-speed internet is now a reality in the interior of Tapejara

Tapejara City Hall, through the Department of Agriculture, Urban Development and Environment, in collaboration with Coprel Telecom, held on Monday (25) an event on the equipment of the farmer Rodrigo de Rossi, living in the community of Coroado Baixo and that goes in. history of the municipality. The mission is to celebrate the arrival of high-speed fiber optic internet in rural areas, through the Conecta Tapejara program.

The launch of the program represents an important one for the rural area of ​​Tapejara, with the installation of 288 kilometers of optical fiber, the result of a joint venture of R$ 4 million, with R $ 2 million from the city and another R. $ 2 million from Coprel. This pioneering initiative promises to revolutionize connectivity in the rural communities of Tapejara, providing efficient and fast access.

The arrival of high-speed internet in the interior is essential for many important activities, including advertising, maintenance, entertainment and communication, representing a significant achievement of Big-Gipe management for all Tapejar farmers. In total, 1,329 rural areas will benefit, including important extensions of the network.

The mayor of Tapejara, Evanir Wolff (large), and the vice president Rodinei Bruel (Gipe), together with the councilor Déberton Fracaro (Betinho), representing the president of the Chamber of Councilors, Adriana Bueno Artuzi, was present at the event, reaffirmed, in his speech, the local government is committed to the development and prosperity of Tapejara.

In addition to the municipal authorities, the Secretary of Agriculture, Urban Development and Environment, Eduardo Bortoloto (Tilico); the vice president of Coprel, Elso Scariot, and the associate, Luiz Fernando Volpatto. The host of the event, the farmer Rodrigo De Rossi, welcomed the guests, symbolizing the partnership between public and private for the advancement of the economy.

In a speech, the Mayor highlighted the importance of this achievement. “It is with great pride that we celebrate this historic moment, recognizing the positive impact that high-speed internet will bring to the development and prosperity of rural areas in Tapejara. Aims to provide significant improvements to everyone through Tapejar”, he said.

The event was also attended by secretaries, councilors, representatives of organizations, residents and city officials, demonstrating the community’s support and participation in this historical period for the city of Tapejara.



Tapejara City Hall

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