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Just a week after the famous Argentine rapper Nicki Nicole publicly announced her separation from the corridos tumbados singer, Peso Pluma, due to an incident of infidelity, The artist decided to remove any vestige of his relationship with Nicole from his Instagram profile..

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This behavior led to a change in what many fans consider to be one of the most popular couples of the Latin American music scene.

The explosion came after Hassan Emilio Kabande, real name of Featherweight, caught on camera in Las Vegas, during Super Bowl LVIII, with influencer Sonia Saharpointed out by many causes of conflict between the couple.

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The scandal and silence

Kabande’s silence after the scandal is significant, especially considering the movement of Nicki Nicole, who, at 23 years old, made an impact. calls for the importance of respect in love with a statement that resonated strongly with his followers:

“Respect is the necessity of love, what is loved is respect, what is respected is care, when they do not care for you and do not have respect … I am not there, I am going there.” This message, along with his thanks to his fans for their support, “It’s so painful that I have seen the same as you did. Thank you for the love that you are showing. Nicki,” shared the depth of his pain and wonder. of your partner’s unfaithfulness.

Featherweight infidelity Nicki Nicole

Nicki Nicole shared an emotional message in her story announcing that she found out about Featherweight’s infidelity through a relationship.


Twitter @itscarlosivan and Instagram @nicki.nicole

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Meanwhile, Peso Pluma is far from direct information about the explosion, but has announced his next trip, Exodus tour 2024thus drawing an attempt to avoid the embarrassment of his artistic work.

According to ‘Billboard’ magazine, the tour promises to be different from its previous, ‘Genesis Tour’, tour in more than 30 cities in the United States from May 26 to October 11although it is not yet known if there will be a date in Mexico.

The last public appearance of La Doble P and Nicki Nicole together was during the Grammy Awardsan event where Peso Pluma won the best Mexican Music Album award, and where the two fell in love.

Who is Sonia Sahar?

Sonia Sahar He is known as an influencer and creator of digital content, receiving attention after the recent scandal.

He has a large base of followers on Instagram, over 123 thousandwith whom he shares the time of his travels and many luxuries.

The dark-haired often posts selfies and pictures that show off her body, although the details of her personal life remain unclear.

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