Farm | The Internet asked Fireproof again after Alicia X confirmed that she won

Photo: X / Alicia X / Pipoca Moderna

The conversation was once again against Alicia

The competition took place on Sunday afternoon (5/11) and involved three pairs of a circle where they needed to run, collect eggs and jump tires. According to Adriane Galisteu, the conflict involved “balance, agility and intelligence”.

In the competition section, they must use two small pieces of wood to balance the egg and bring it to a place, where they will be picked up by the players. But Alicia and, apparently, Lily also put the wood under their hands, held under their arms – and, by doing so, they removed the difficulty of the speaker’s speech about the “balance” necessary in the debate.

As always, the production hides the Power Challenge from paying users of PlayPlus. But from a small view of the living race, a few seconds of the exhibition served to show the problems of inequality in the conflict.

Alicia X’s Confessions

In addition to the created image, Alicia confessed that she had put the wood under her arm to the friends of the Paiol group, as soon as she arrived at the Institute. Videos with confessions and pictures of the priests went viral. Posts from the public with requests for revisions were sent to the profiles of the publisher Adriane Galisteu and the producer/director Rodrigo Carelli. They both ignored him.

This Monday (6/11), Alicia returned to the course, saying that she supported two things on her arm to get good results. “I remember when I was working as a waiter, I learned that, in order not to drop a dish, you have to support it with your forehead, so I said: ‘Yes I hold it with my forehead properly, it won’t wobble.’. It works.”

His partner in the campaign, Radamés Furlan, even asked if this was allowed. He laughed.

It’s not the first time

This is the second time that the seconds found by the production of “A Fazenda 15” have been found inconsistent in Prova de Fogo. Earlier, the victory by Yuri Meirelles was canceled after the traveler broke the rules to get a good result in the dispute. It is not known whether the result will be reviewed if the public is not “lucky” enough to see the fraud in the short live.

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