Fake police: they use police pictures to cheat online | Complaints

Once again, a form of fraud that has been created for many years has reappeared in social media, especially in the social media platform. Marketplace from Facebookwhere police officers are in active service to contact users who put their products on the internet, making them tempting to give that is not real.

One of the victims corresponds to the curicano, Francisco Rojas, who is offering a video game console on the sales platform. The man was contacted by an interested person who claimed to be the police, and who wanted to buy the device to give to his son.

The fraudster promotes fraud with the image of the ID card (TIP-CAR) where the face of the police who has nothing to do with the scammers also appears.

Francisco Rojasexplains the “modus operandis” of the scammers behind the fraud, and who uses the good image that the Chilean police Carabineros now likes.

“I gave him my number, and while we were talking, he sent me pictures that he had worked on, in a statement, to prove that he was a police officer. Everything went well, and when we had done the deal, he called me to try the trick to be a little safer by making me believe that I had made a deposit in advance, which was not really the case, ” the complainant said.

The seller fell for the deception of the police, when he called the Bank to verify the deposit of 160 thousand pesos that the buyer of X-boX transferred to him, however, the bank told him that the money was received. Not logged into your account.

“He sent me a screenshot of the transaction that was approved, however, when I tried to confirm it with the bank, they told me that the money had not entered my account. account, at that time I realized that I was part of a macro. -scam”, pointed out the person involved.

This type of fraud exists on the Internet, as the temptation to provide constriction information at a price that does not comply with market prices. Remember to buy your products from authorized platforms, do not trust unknown people, and most importantly, educate yourself before sending your money.

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