Facebook will pay for deactivating company social networks without reason

Facebook must restore access to the company and its owner’s social networks and pay R$ 18,000 for the time the money is withdrawn. Judge Vera Lúcia Calviño de Campos, from the 2nd court of the JEC of Guarulhos / SP, understands that the lack of income causes damage to justice.

The document shows that, in March 2023, Facebook, allegedly violating the terms of use, deactivated the company and its owner’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

As he could not recover them, the user filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging that the intervention of the accounts violated the author’s privacy rights, preventing him from using them to increase his profits do business.

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Facebook will pay for suspension, without reason, companies and social media companies.(Image: Freepik)

Loss of participation

The judge, in his decision, said that Facebook did not comply with the use of its regular policy, because the blocking of accounts is not legal by “location, evidence or key points”.

(…) Although the defendant said that the user’s account was used in violation of Facebook’s terms of use, causing the disruption of all accounts linked to it, it was not clarified that the crime was committed by the person in his page. In Facebook, there is no indication that there has been an alleged violation of the platform’s terms of use.

The judge observed that the failure of the page brought “disgrace” and felt damage to the image created by the company and the business people of its followers, “makes it impossible to extend your contacts, advertise products, visibility and attract new customers and followers, which affects your reputation and brand respect.“.

Thus, given the significant loss of followers and participation, Facebook is forced to pay for the damage of justice, according to art. 14 of the CDC, worth R$ 18 thousand.

He also ordered the social network to pay a fine of R$ 15,000 for not complying with the decision in the case. And that advice is sent to the user, within 48 hours, to re-enter their account, under a daily fine of R$ 1,000.

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