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The European Union announced that it is investigating the dispute between Meta, Apple and Alphabet, the owner of Google. All three are being investigated for violations of the Digital Markets Law, announced in 2022.

If they are found to have violated the law, companies can face heavy fines of up to 10% of their annual revenue.

“We have decided to investigate several suspected non-compliance with this policy. And when we uncover other issues, we will deal with them as well. future investigations,” the head of the EU antitrust, Margrethe Vestager said.

It is worth remembering that the US government has recently opened an investigation, especially to investigate Apple’s practices in the smartphone market. In Brazil, the Board of Trade Protection also investigates Apple’s practices in its App Store.

Regarding the current situation opened by the EU, Apple said that “throughout the process, we have demonstrated flexibility and work for the European Commission and developers, listening and participating in their comments comment.”

Meta said the company’s use of subscriptions as an alternative advertising method is “a well-established business model across many industries.”

The EU said it would investigate five possible cases of non-compliance with its declaration:

1 and 2 – If Apple and Mother do not allow applications to freely communicate with users and create contracts with them;

3 – If Apple does not provide enough options for users;

4 – If Meta unfairly asks people to pay to protect their data from being used for advertising;

5 – If Google likes the company’s products and services in the search.

The first two investigations concern so-called “anti-regulation” – and the EU says it believes that companies are working hard for apps to tell users about payment methods less for their services, outside of using the store’s payment system. application form. the way.

In the third point, the EU said that Apple should allow users to easily remove applications from their devices, change default settings and get “select screens” to allow for them to use a different browser or search engine.

The EU says Apple’s browser “select screen” doesn’t give people enough options and says some apps, such as Apple Photos, can’t be uninstalled.

According to Vestager, the investigation will take about 12 months to complete. “We think that the solutions proposed by our company do not comply with the DMA,” he said.

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