Enel | How to change the name of your utility bill online

When moving to a new property, you must contact the electricity company to change the name on the electricity bill. In the case of municipalities served by Enel, it is possible to do this quickly and free of charge online.

Member transfers can take up to three business days in urban areas or five business days in rural areas. The request must be made by a person over 18 years of age (or an emancipated minor), as long as they do not have previous income from other assets linked to CPF or CNPJ.

How to change the name of your Enel electricity bill

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Enel has specific pages for each state of coverage: Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Although there are different connections, the way to change ownership is the same in all cases.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter enel.com.br and choose your state;
  2. Choose “Log in to your virtual organization”;
  3. Select the “Pownership Change” program;
  4. Start filling out the form with personal information;
  5. Send a photo of personal documents, such as ID, driver’s license or passport;
  6. Enter personal information, such as location zip code and installation number;
  7. Confirm whether there are outstanding debts;
  8. Enter the content screen and confirm all the information;
  9. Complete the order.

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Since then, Enel created a period of up to three working days (in urban areas) to change the account holder. You can follow the procedure on the website or on the Enel Ceará (Android | iOS), Enel São Paulo (Android | iOS) and Enel Rio (Android | iOS) apps.

Don’t bother signing up

The form may display some error messages during processing, usually due to incorrect data. When entering the name of the owner, for example, the platform does not allow the use of accents and other special characters, and this can create problems when writing out.

Also, make sure that the files sent have all the visible information: the best is to keep them in a place with lots of light and use your camera. mobile number to scan.

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