Eletronet signs an agreement to provide datacenter solutions for internet service providers


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São Paulo, April 2024 – Eletronet – a provider of high-speed long-distance connections through fiber optic networks – enters into a business agreement to add data center solutions to its data network connected. In this way, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to buy cars and place them directly with Eletronet, in one transaction.

The organization adds the data center of Equinix, a global digital marketing company, to Eletronet’s knowledge services and its entry into the ISP market to provide solutions more for business. By having the Equinix platform integrated with Eletronet’s solutions, Internet service providers can access a large network, allowing companies to connect with many people partners, suppliers and customers while taking advantage of more than 17 thousand miles of Eletronet fiber optics. from the north to the south of Brazil, with good capillarity of connection.

For Eletronet’s commercial director, Cássio Lehmann, this partnership strengthens the company’s solutions. “The agreement with Equinix allows us to provide a more comprehensive solution, which also gives our customers access to a massive global data center connectivity platform. In addition , our capacity and the size of the network are good features for Equinix,” said Lehmann.

“Having Eletronet with us is a way to meet the needs of Internet service providers. The company has good knowledge of the market and understands the challenges that customers face products meet from the north to the south of Brazil,” said Victor Arnaud, president of Equinix Brazil. “For our part, we provide Eletronet’s customers with the integration of unmatched data centers in creative locations, with a complete platform of digital infrastructure services to They can continue to expand and expand in Brazil.”

About Electronet

Eletronet has a national fiber optic network based on OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) technology with more than 17 thousand kilometers, more than 160 POPs in 18 states of Brazil, integrated in the electrical connection. Through the ability and availability of these models, communication services with high quality levels are provided to Internet Service Providers (ISP) and telephone users. Learn more at: www.eletronet.com

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