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One of the perfect shoes for everyday life is sneakers or sports shoes. This model is simple, practical and can be combined in many ways and informally. Without a doubt, the best option to complete your look and look better is that they sell.

For this reason, at EL PAÍS Escaparate we have selected 10 sneakers for men and 10 sneakers for women from brands such as Puma, Adidas or Vans so that you can enjoy them before Black Friday arrives . Some have incredible discounts of up to 40%. Don’t miss them!

Shoes for men

If you are looking for popular, popular and ideal sneakers for everyday use, read on because below you will find 10 sports shoes for men full of style and variety.

In addition, they are from famous brands such as Reebok, Nike or Skechers, and they have a good discount on their prices. Discover them!

Vans Ward Sneakers

45% discount, save 29.55 euros.

Vans Ward sneakers.
A simple and practical timeless classic.

Zapatillas Skechers Arch Fit

42% discount, save 42 euros.

Zapatillas Skechers Arch Fit.
Ideal for everyday use.

Puma sneakers with over 72,900 reviews

32% discount, save 19 euros.

Puma sneakers with over 72,900 reviews.
A model that is mixed with different types of models.

Adidas VL Court 2.0

32% discount, save 19 euros.

Adidas VL Court 2.0.
They guarantee good grip and adaptability with every step.

Reebok Rewind Run Sneakers

26% discount, save 13 euros.

Reebok Rewind Run sneakers.
Its elegant vintage look stands.

Fila Orbit Low Sneakers

26% discount, save 12.79 euros.

Fila Orbit Low sneakers.
With synthetic coating.

Levi’s Courtright sneakers

25% discount, save 13.52 euros.

Levi's Courtright sneakers.
It is available in other colors.

Skechers Track Bucolo Zapatillas

21% discount, save 13.81 euros.

Skechers Track Bucolo Shoes.
Enjoy great comfort.

Zapatillas Nike Revolution 6

24% discount, save 14.54 euros.

Zapatillas Nike Revolution 6.
They include a breathable mesh for greater comfort.

Zapatillas Adidas Strutter

18% discount, save 11.05 euros.

Zapatillas Adidas Strutter.
It has over 10,100 reviews on Amazon.

Women’s shoes

Shoes are also an important part of our clothes, so if we know how to combine them correctly we can get the best results.

So, for you to look sporty this fall-winter, we bring you 10 models of women’s sneakers from famous brands such as Adidas, Vans, or Fila, which also have good discounts. Ahead of Black Friday!

Zapatillas Adidas Court Platform

40% discount, save 24 euros.

Zapatillas Adidas Court Platform.
It is available in many shades.

Skechers Graceful sneakers with over 44,900 reviews

37% discount, save 25.72 euros.

Skechers Graceful sneakers with over 44,900 reviews.
The number 1 best seller on Amazon.

Zapatillas Levi’s Woods W

28% discount, save 16.51 euros.

Levi's Woods W sneakers.
Made with vegan leather.

Fila sneakers with over 11,700 reviews

36% discount, save 35.90 euros.

Fila sneakers with over 11,700 reviews.
A pair of shoes full of style and versatility.

Skechers D’lites 4.0 Sneakers

33% discount, save 31 euros.

Skechers D'lites 4.0 sneakers.
Good traction motor.

Vans Ward Sneakers

28% discount, save 21.05 euros.

Vans Ward sneakers.
Combine them with jeans, skirts or skirts.

Tommy Hilfiger sneakers

32% discount, save 32.42 euros.

Tommy Hilfiger sneakers.
They stand out for their elegant design and good quality.

Puma Cilia Brand Sneakers

32% discount, save 21 euros.

Puma Cilia Mode sneakers.
The insole is ultra-comfortable and provides great cushioning with every step.

Adidas VL Court 2.0

31% discount, save 21.40 euros.

Adidas VL Court 2.0.
They are very easy and light.

Skechers sneakers with over 69,200 reviews

30% discount, save 21 euros.

Skechers sneakers with over 69,200 reviews.
Perfect for everyday wear.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of November 7, 2023.

(Remember that if you are a user Amazon Prime, all purchases have free shipping. Amazon offers a free, no-obligation trial period for 30 days.)

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