Domain hosting: how to have your website on the Internet and choose the right provider

You want to create a website to secure your site on the internet. In it, you will be able to sell products, promote services or even create a community, but what then?

Creating a website includes costs and planning, so we have provided important advice on maintaining your brand and choosing the best provider.

What is a domain?

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The domain, together with the hosting, is the main part of your website address. To access the website directly, without having to search, you must type the slug, or address, in your browser bar, for example, This part between “www” and “br” is your name.

That’s why, It is important to choose a name that is easy to remember and that is connected to the purpose of your website or brand..

So called domain extensions are also important, because they make it easy for users to identify what your page is about:

  • .com: now in many websites, it is generic and best known of all
  • .org: used by non-profit organizations, projects and communities
  • .edu: used by schools
  • .gov: used for government websites
  • .net: also follows the same line as “.com” and your domain name will be cheaper because it is not a popular extension

Check out some places that can offer domain names:

  • Hostinger: you can find hosting plans starting at R$ 12.99 / month that come with a free domain for one year. Free protection is already included.
  • Uol Host: subscription from R$ 22.99 per year, with good UOL support.
  • Old acquaintances of web developers, with plans starting at R$ 40 per year.
  • WebLink: Domains from R$ 4.99 per year. Super accessible with “.online” extension.

Why do I need to hold the title?

By registering your name, you start your idea. By hosting the author, you give him life and voice.

When you hire a hosting service, you essentially sign a contract so that your domain can be part of the Internet. You rent one of the service’s servers, so that your website can be live with all the necessary information.

The service provider is responsible for making your website visible, storing your information securely and delivering it to users.. Therefore, web hosting is essential for the page you create to reach the people who want to access it.

5 Best Service Providers in 2023

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is an all-in-one platform when it comes to website development. In it you can:

  • Build websites with AI: create it on your smartphone or desktop, just answer a few questions and the tool will create a new website for you. You can adjust everything until it looks like you.
  • Register domains: account for quick and easy setup, plus Hostinger is a reliable registrar.
  • Professional email: personalize your email with the name of your company or organization, show more professionalism when sending information and proposals.

And of course, you can hire hosting services, all on one platform. For help, there are many options from:

  • Professional hosting: Manage multiple websites with one panel, receive special support 24-hours and is good for expanding business and projects.
  • Normal living: ideal for small and medium websites, with a free domain, unlimited SSL and a free website. It is a cheap online hosting option.
  • Cloud Hosting: for large projects, increase the performance of websites and applications. Here your business can grow on demand, without the risk of being offline during traffic.
  • VPS Hosting: with this hosting you have weekly and automatic backup, AI assistant and speed up to 300 Mb / s.
  • WordPress Hosting: here the hosting is already adapted to the WordPress platform, creating a fast, optimized website, with detection of vulnerabilities and automatic updates.

If you are looking for an expert on the subject, Hostinger can help you. In addition to all these great benefits, you can count on the Hostinger card to save money when hiring this new service.

2. Hostgator

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At Hostgator you will also find the possibility of creating a domain and hosting your website. The platform has the distinction of providing servers for certain operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

HostGator also focuses on security and offers anti-spam tools, online backup and buy an SSL certificate starting at R$ 110 per year.

The company also has the name “DLoja Virtual” which works exactly to help you when creating an online business. There is no limit to items or visits, and you can customize the store however you want.

3. KingHost

At KingHost you will find:

  • Professional email creation and email marketing: so people can trust and know about your company.
  • Sign up: have your brand name on the internet.
  • Reseller hosting: a way to have your own web hosting company, without having to invest in equipment or servers.
  • Website design: choose templates and customize it your way.

In terms of help, the following stand out:

  • Node.JS Hosting: Node.JS is an open source software, this is a hosting designed for the program, with a light weight and useful, aimed at developers. The environment is scalable and secure.
  • Java Hosting: here it is possible to create web applications that access databases, manage static data, capture data from documents and also refer to servers and visitors.

4. Locaweb

Locaweb has been known in the market for some time, it is a Brazilian company that offers similar services to the other companies mentioned here.

You can create websites, have professional emails and, of course, host domains. There are plans starting at R$ 6.90.

Some of the differences between the platforms are:

  • E-mail exchange: Microsoft’s personal email with advanced features.
  • Google Workspace: solutions for Google applications with Gmail.
  • SMTP Locaweb: send emails and automatic notifications.
  • Relationship management: Schedule your posts for discussion and create reports.
  • Click Lead: Turn visitors to your website and social media into customers.

You can find some productivity tools like virtual phone, VoIP, server maintenance, customer service software and sales management.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers a wide range of services, including hosting, hosting and some digital marketing services.

Here, for the first year, your account can cost R$ 4.99. And to have a professional email
You pay from R$ 5.99 per user or month.

Regarding the creation of websites and virtual stores, the company offers some web design services, making everything less personal.

Also check out other features like a content and graphic designer, a logo designer and a free trial of successful digital marketing.

We hope all of these tips are helpful when choosing a domain name and hosting provider.

Creating a website is fun and powerful, with the right tools it looks great! Remember, if you want to save money when hiring these services, just look at the TecMundo coupons.

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