Dolores celebrates the IV edition of the Youth Forum: Internet and Social Networks Do you know everything?

Tomorrow, Friday, October 3, Dolores City Council celebrates the IV edition of the Youth Forum. It will happen at 6:00 pm. in the Youth House, in front of the Social Center, on Calle San Antonio No. 3. After the different activities that will take place in the afternoon, snacks will be provided to all participants.

The Director of Youth, Rita Flores, explained that “this is the beginning of the Youth Ministry. This is the IV edition in which it is celebrated and its purpose is to recognize the ideas, activities, courses that young people want to study as well as training and other issues.

An open day is in the afternoon, so that they can learn about the different activities that are done at the Dolores Youth House, and also, “from the various councils we will meet with the boys and the women in the city to learn about the first person they want.”

In the same way, the councilor explained that “The Youth Conference always turns to social issues and now, this one is related to the misuse of Social Networks and Internet and its benefits. Then there will be snacks and finally you can enjoy the activities offered by the Youth House.”

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