Does the Internet trick to upgrade your home WiFi for free really work?

To have the best wireless Internet connection, there are different tips and methods that help you get the best WiFi connection. On the other hand, not every trick will work for you always, because there are many different factors that include whether it will work for you at home.

At this time, we are talking about making the noise of the release aluminum foil on the router to improve the signal quality of the router at home. But does it really work?

Aluminum foil on the router

Even if you have not used it, the fact is that there are users who practice the best of using aluminum foil to improve the WiFi signal. The purpose of this is to achieve a metal reflector that the electromagnetic signal emitted by the router can bounce and thus redirect signal wherever you want to improve this coverage. The problem is that it will not always be useful.

As much as you think you can get the signal to focus on the room with the worst coverage, the truth is that there is a trick a series of related factors remarkably in that it really works.

On the Internet you can find all kinds of models in which this process of aluminum has been tested on the router. There is also evidence that shows that up to 55% improvement in strength has been achieved. However, most of the tests that users do at home show the improvements are not very important, but it will be obvious depending on where you point to the text. So what does it matter if it works more or less?

If your device has an external antenna, the fact is that it will be easier to redirect the signal with a special trick. If the device only has an internal antenna, the fact is that the coverage will be the same. There are even users who report that the signal is getting worse.

The worst part of this lie

For this reason, using this trick has a negative effect, the same thing that happens if you use the ability to make a metal reflector. For example, can put a lot of heat on the router and make it hot because it is not well ventilated. In addition to this, by changing the signal to some areas, the rest of the house will have poor wireless protection.

WiFi repeater with aluminum foil

And finally, the meaning of aesthetics, since It will not be the best decoration for your home. All these disadvantages can make you unable to try it. But, if you want to remove your complaints, the truth is that it is as easy as cutting a piece of aluminum and putting it under the router to see if you can improve the signal in area of ​​your home. This way you can remove doubts.

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