Does Instagram remove recent posts? The social network has spoken out

The social network has addressed the problems reported by many users.

The social network has addressed the problems reported by many users.

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Since the night of Monday, January 22, many Instagram users have experienced various problems when trying to post on the social network. This situation is aggravated by the fact that their photos disappear without reason, even if they do not violate the rules established by the relationship.

The complaints made by those affected have been echoed on various platforms, referring to X (formerly known as Twitter) and the Threads application, which is similar to the previous statement, in which people used to share their experience related to the loss of recent content.

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What happened with Instagram?

The frustration of users focuses especially on the removal of images that, according to them, follow Instagram’s instructions and rules. This phenomenon has caused discomfort among the community of users who use the platform to share their time and experience.

What does Instagram have to say about app issues?

“If you receive a notification about your content being removed or violated, don’t worry! “We are working on it,” said Meta spokesman Daniel Chalmet.

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Instagram users around the world

In the world, Instagram is positioned as a powerhouse in networks, with an impressive 1.2 billion monthly users. This platform, which has achieved popularity, presents a gender equality among its users, with 51.8% men and 48.2% women, indicating that it is profitable from both male and female audiences.

The fact that shows the preference for Instagram is that, according to statistics, this relationship seems to be related to men, which shows that it has managed to conquer a large part of men international audience.

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