Documents and information that can be requested for the payment of electricity after the closing of the Jumbo store in Bogotá

Saturday, November 4, 2023

The information to be requested by Dian is: surname and first name and company name, NIT of the seller and VAT discrimination.

Those electricity bill payment have changed the way businesses manage their financial transactions and have simplified the process of issuing and receiving mail. As this method became more common, It is important to understand what information will be requested by the customer in the process, as well as the use that can be given to all this information. And on Thursday the Jumbo store announced that they were closed for three days for not complying with this.

The possibility of obtaining personal information leads many brands to use electronic invoices as a way to obtain customers’ personal information. However, the National Tax and Customs Directorate, Dian, does not require a lot of personal information to generate this receipt. According to Dian, the documents required for electronic invoices are: they must be called sales invoices; name and first name or reason and NIT of the seller or service provider; Discrimination of VAT payment or consumption tax; Bring a number that corresponds to a consecutive number for sales invoices, plus email.

“If you need an invoice or choose an invoice, you must request an email to receive an invoice under penalty of non-compliance with tax laws and penalties for this,” said José Luis Jerez, partner at CMM Abogados.

Law 1581 regulates data protection in Colombia. According to the law, We all have the right to know, modify and correct the information that is recorded in the document or the document that is affected by the work. from organizations of public or private nature.

The use of electronic invoices in business begins to cross the line with sensitive information for customers, Because many times the customer needs to provide required information such as a mobile number on the invoice that is presented. However, they are used to send advertisements. This policy seeks to protect users and their personal information.


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