Document management software that is easy to document

Manage contracts

In addition to signing documents, there are also special platforms for contract management. In this sense, the Chilean started Webdox automates and digitizes the entire life cycle of this document through its platform, including request, creation, negotiation and approval, plus signature and next steps.

Also in this sector there BounceSpanish collaboration platform that automates the creation of information through interactive information to help manage the entire life cycle of the contract.

Make orders

To complete the procurement process, companies can also use some solutions from the start-up. For example, Dost help companies automate processes and tasks related to managing invoices, mailings and orders thanks to artificial intelligence. With a simple interface, its SaaS platform is designed so that any employee, even without expertise, can use it to save time and avoid mistakes in billing.

For administration, Spanish hold There is a cloud-based business resource planning SaaS platform for small businesses. This allows you to manage all aspects of the business, from billing and accounting to inventory and operations.

Prepare skills

Document management software can also help retain talent. In this sense, Spanish On App has focused on human resources: it makes it easier for companies to consult all the information related to their professionals, such as sick leave or contracts. Through artificial intelligence, this initiative reduces the administrative burden, while guaranteeing the authenticity and accuracy of all transactions through blockchain technology.

The Spanish unicorn also works in the field of human resources (a company valued at more than 1 billion dollars before its IPO) FactorialSaaS ‘software’ aimed at SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that improve management skills through functions such as time and leave management.

To manage things

Oriented to the logistics sector, it is located Usyncro, a Spanish startup that has been a pilot with BBVA that has worked to create a partnership: the agency provides the ‘business’ to its customers and Usyncro finance products to its customers. This software uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to digitize the information necessary for the marketing of products, integrate the delivery and ensure traceability across all products. used.

Data management software is changing the way companies do their management work with digital solutions that help them optimize processes, improve cooperation between the two parties and reduce operating costs. In addition to using these tools, entrepreneurs who need support can turn to BBVA Spark, which provides financial solutions to continue their growth.

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