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Distance is not a problem for those who are looking to learn more about business, innovation, smart cities, new technologies and business models. Anyone who misses one of the personal events sponsored by Vale do Pinhão, Curitiba’s innovation ecosystem, or does not live in the city of Paraná, can be up to date on these and other elements message with the help of the internet: Vale do Pinhão YouTube channel, at the address youtube .com/@ValedoPinhao.

Through the channel, it can watch all, asynchronously (in real time) and remotely, events such as Paiol Digital, Pinhão Talk, Fab Lab Talk, Business Conference and training business in Vale do Pinhão, such as Curitiba Empreendedora and Empreendedora Curitibana, managed by the Curitiba Development and Innovation Agency.

Check out, below, some content that can be viewed, for free and at any time, on the Vale do Pinhão YouTube channel:

The digital store

The monthly event, held in one of Curitiba’s publications, Teatro do Paiol, can also be viewed from the comfort of home and at the most convenient time. Paiol Digital presents lectures for those interested in business and disruptive technologies.

Pinhão Tham

The latest project from Vale do Pinhão, has interviews with famous people in the market in videocast format, combining images with popular podcasts.

FabLab talk

Like Pinhão Talk, Fab Lab Talk also uses the best videocast method to lead discussions on topics related to FabLab, design culture and its impact on the city, with guests from communities that make the occasion unique and special.

Business training Curitibana

With the aim of promoting and promoting women’s entrepreneurship, training from the Empreendedora Curitibana program is also available, with topics such as Business, Public Speaking and problems in the world of women in addition to business, such as the problem of fighting for women.

The channel also offers workshops, classes and various lectures on topics related to business and innovation, such as Simplify your Management, Attract more customers, and Creative Sales.

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