Do not put up posters on the lampposts of Circunvalar, ELEC requested

Hunting. The company Montería Energy (Elec) has called on citizens, businessmen and media organizations not to publish any type of media on the new fiberglass poles installed on Avenida Circunvalar de Montería.

The director of Elec, Tatiana Garrido Bonfante, explained that the glue used to repair the posters interfered and damaged the structure of these poles, which were put into operation recently. here from the company and the Governor’s Office in the section of Circunvalar on the road 33 and 68..

These are the poles with modern fiberglass technology, which fulfills the two tasks of supporting the LED luminaires and allowing the light to be seen for the events.

Given this, the director reiterated the call not to use these new models to advertise anything, to preserve them and prevent their premature destruction.

The modernization of the lighting in this project of Circunvalar represents an important investment for the city, which is why Elec said that it is necessary to take care of the property and it is necessary to use it guarantee its durability.

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