DLSS 3.5 is coming to Cyberpunk 2077 for all GeForce RTX

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2 is almost now, too NVIDIA does not want to miss the opportunity, which brings DLSS 3.5, an evolution of its image quality improvement technology based on various technologies integrated in this type of denominator. It is true that in the first generation, its limitations and its results can be improved, but there is no doubt that the changes that it has experienced are, simply eight, beautiful.

Now, two generations of this technology coexist. recently. then. And of course, for their part, both have experienced their own updates, which provide many improvements, to which we must add the constant update of GeForce Experience, which continues to reach DLSS for many activity.

We told you about the latest news about this technology less than a month ago, when NVIDIA presented DLSS 3.5, a repeat show the development of lightning through intelligence, a solution that provides the best experience, both visually and in performance, with great results that we have used with previous strategies used to benefits like this. And, as we told you at the time, the first three titles compatible with this technology will be Cyberpunk 2077 (both base game and Phantom Liberty expansion), Portal RTX and the highly anticipated Alan Wake 2.

DLSS 3.5 is coming to Cyberpunk 2077 for all GeForce RTX

Although we clarified in the article that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are still people who think that DLSS 3.5 is more special with RTX 40 series graphics cards. However, although its name may make you think so, DLSS 3.5 , and therefore, the reconstruction of rays by artificial intelligence, They are compatible with all GeForce RTX cards of all three generationsso that all their users will be able to use this technology with all brands that add compatibility with it.

Let us remind, therefore, to all users who want to try DLSS 3.5 with Cyberpunk 2077, that the long-awaited update 2 will be released the day after tomorrow, Thursday 21st, when Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is already sold in pre-order mode, and that can be downloaded from September 26.

In addition, this week the following brands also get DLSS compatibility:

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