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Meta, which controls Facebook and Instagram, began in 2024 announcing changes to guidelines to protect young people in its apps. According to the big technology, some sensitive content will be hidden according to the user’s age, among other resources that reduce the impact of social interaction among young people the brain. For psychiatrist Alice Munguba, specialist at the children’s center of Holiste Psiquiatria, the assessment is very important because adolescence is a period in which the boundaries between reality and blur .

“Adolescence is a stage in which there is an interest in others, the group of friends becomes very important. Adults often forget that in this stage of character formation, others People’s thoughts are related to important content, including what you read. , what you watch, and this is where online content about personal change, nutrition well, with other subjects that may be prohibited from social interaction by playing”, explains the psychologist.

Withdrawal and social anxiety

For psychologists, it is important that technology companies recognize that, although controlling the use of social media is the responsibility of parents, they must also be responsible and limit the sensitive content that is published and well presented, even if he knows that. there are other problems – such as cyberbullying and removal – that require other attention, sometimes even from a legal or health point of view.

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For Daniela Araújo, psychologist at the Child and Adolescent Center of Holiste Psiquiatria, more and more children and adolescents arrive at clinics with periods of anxiety deal with the disparity between the real world and the virtual world. “Psychologists have written some results and I believe that this is the future. We know that young people arrive infected by the social world and are not prepared for the reality of human relations, which is different, the difficulty of living together. . .

With the importance of online relationships, including the hope of the future, as many young people dream of going viral, becoming digital influencers, in addition to the disadvantage that youth represents, because it is the stage of the character formation, losing approval online, that is, being abandoned online, becomes a real phenomenon and can lead to have a mental disorder.

Vanessa Lopes’ participation in the BBB

Influencer Vanessa Lopes surprised BBB 24 participants by leaving the game in the first week of the recording. The mental health participant has already gained the attention of colleagues and the public because of his declining behavior. Upon leaving the program, the young woman received mental health treatment at home, according to a medical news release published by the family.

“Participating with Vanessa Lopes is an important topic because we can’t check or talk without following the situation, but we can think about the difference between the real world and the virtual world. It is not surprising that many young people have given up their studies because living together has become an unbearable stress,” he said.

For psychologists, the impact of exposure and presence in a virtual environment will present its potential and its negative effects, only verify that the screens enter into the lives of children first, who from a young age already have smartphones in hand. . The best thing for employees is to always find a balance between playing online and playing with the classroom in person.

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