Discover Zoom’s ‘Google Docs’, which will save your life at work

WASHINGTON POST – When you think of creating a collaborative document for you and your colleagues, what app comes to mind? Google Docs? Microsoft Word? Well, know that Zoom also expected to be one of the top choices.

The company, known for its video calling services, has launched the Zoom Docs in October, at its annual meeting called Zoomtopia. The product will be equipped with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) zoom, o AI Companion, and other AI features that will help users write, edit, compose, and change audio, as well as include dialogue. He will also be able to answer questions about the content of the document.

Document sharing will be integrated into the Zoom platform so that users can work on documents from their meetings, chat, desktop and mobile apps. The product will be available in March and June 2024, and Zoom said it is still determining the price.

Zoom has launched its own collaborative document, Zoom Docs Video: Loren Elliott / Reuters

Recently, many commercial software companies have added AI capabilities to their applications. Both of them Google that for Microsoft is developing and improving AI capabilities to help edit certain tasks, including writing and editing in Google Docs and Microsoft Word. With its rapidly developing data, Zoom has increased its competition with Microsoft and Google.

The company already has competing products for video conferencing, chat and email. But two of the biggest companies in the market for office content creation apps, and some experts say it will have a big impact to replace employees’ default document app.

Craig Roth, vice president of research at Gartner said: “Something has to change the nature of how we create content to support business,” Change two business leaders in the space “unlike the future.”

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Microsoft has become the long-term market leader, which includes applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, with an 83.5% share in 2022, according to data from Gartner . Google, which has gradually increased the market, holds 15.6%. And all other vendors have less than 1% of the market.

Zoom isn’t that far-fetched when it comes to collaboration, which includes web conferencing and virtual tools, according to industry intelligence IDC. Last year, Zoom’s market share was 11.2%, behind Microsoft, with 29.7%, and Google, with 13.5%.

Zoom may be trying to get the crowd it likes for its video conferencing products to adopt its voice processing tools. At the end of the second quarter, ending on July 31, Zoom announced that it had 218,100 business customers, which represents an increase of 7% compared to the previous year. The company said Zoom Docs will make it easier for employees to collaborate on documents in the Zoom products they already use, so they don’t have to switch between tabs or apps.

Now he will be able to gather information with the Zoom calling service Video: Albert Gea / Reuters

Users can easily extract data from Zoom platform meetings, chats, emails, and project management tools into their files. They can also create custom layouts and workflows, tag colleagues in work items, assign tasks, track and manage tasks, link pages, and draw in a tree view so people can see attached file. It is also expected that users will be able to drag and drop content blocks to add tables, charts and graphs to their data.

Wayne Kurtzman, research vice president of networking, community and collaboration at IDC, said Zoom doesn’t need to lay off employees to succeed in this space. It just needs to provide a process that works and makes the customer more productive.

“The way we operate five or seven years from now will be different from what we do today,” he said. “This opens an opportunity. The question is who can meet the evolving needs. ” / Translated by ALICE LABATE

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