Digital marketing and the Internet exist

Today in the News section, IBIS Computer highlights the importance of internet access for companies, whether large or small.

Digital marketing and having a good company website is important

Jose David Rodríguez, IBIS Computer Technology Advisor.– In the digital business we can do many, many things, but let’s start at the beginning and the main thing, which is to have an internet presence, you have to be there, but not there, that is what we have. historical success. That said, today I think every company already has a website, be careful!!!! Some companies still have a website from 15 or 20 years ago!!! But it seems almost 80 or 90% of companies have their website, like a business card. When we know about a new company, we give our card and it says what is our website, and that is the way to find it, that is, we have shown the address, or no one who can find us.

That’s what we mean by being on the internet, and we have to because we have to have a sentence as the maximum, if someone is looking for us, they have to find us. Be careful, it does not mean that someone is looking for Ibis Computer, which is very easy, but who needs one of our services and products does not know us, so they will go to find that is, one of our products or services. and that is where we should be..

That means that we must have a presence that we will improve over time, but as a base we will need a website that is beautiful and attractive to those who are looking for the services or products, which are “discoverable” and the same on networks. , there are people who You do not search for services on Google but on your favorite website.

Therefore, it is important that we think that we should have that, if not, our competition will make that difference…

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