Digital evidence. Without computers, the internet doesn’t work and there aren’t even sockets to use during exams – Observer

But the problem is not just because there are no computers. The materials distributed to students include backpacks, computers, headphones and a hotspot to the internet. The teacher from the city of Loures also explained that “There is a different problem”, which is often related to the lack of internet. “Some do not have internet; others have not yet received the internet; with others, the card doesn’t work,” he explained.

In a country, Filinto Lima says, the problem of internet access is permanent: “You have to buy computers, yes, but you also have to build the house from the ground up . And the basis is the internet of digital media. In schools, the internet is often down.”

And even the problem of the socket will be a problem, adds Mariana Carvalho, president of the National Confederation of Parents’ Associations (Confap), who warns that many schools still do not have enough sockets to ensure that students can charge their computers during testing. “In the country, there is no unity, there are schools where it is possible to do digital tests and others where this is not possible.”said.

The last problem mentioned – by administrators, parents and teachers – is the lack of IT professionals in schools. Computer problems are, in most cases, solved by computer instructors. “We have teachers of information and communication technology who, according to their passion, provide good help, but they are teachers, not computer technicians. Their job is to teach classes, not to repair computers”, warned Filinto Lima.

So far, the evaluation standards are still in the same format, but the hope of parents, administrators and teachers is the next employee for the Ministry of Education – who should know Thursday – can reverse the process that the Ministry of Education. João Costa began. “The future Minister of Education has potatoes in his hands, that is make the decision and tell the schools, without hesitation, whether to keep the tests in digitalwhich is what, or whether this year he will choose the traditional method, which is paper and ballpoint pen and that is what we already know “, understood Filinto Lima, who received many requests interest from school leaders, nationwide, about the digitalization of evaluations and final exams.

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