Dicastery for the clergy with a new website and renewed social media

The portal in English and Italian with news, initiatives, the exchange of testimony: the announcement of the digital revival aimed at priests, deacons and seminarians from the Dicastery to the clergy at the table international conference established these days in the Vatican. Many suspicious activities are also reported on social media.

Vatican News

The Dicastery for the clergy reiterates and reopens its digital presence with a new website and a greater presence in social media. The publication and presentation of the new portal with the new company logo and a character type contemporary and important, arriving at the time of the International Symposium for the Formation of Priests, which will be held in the Vatican from the 6th to the 10th of February, of which the Dicastery is a major sponsor.

A Home Page do novo site

A Home Page do novo site

News, initiatives, training

The new website, in Italian and English, created in collaboration with the Dicastery for Communication, is mobile first with colorful new images reminiscent of “Vatican yellow”, it presents a clear and understandable text with sections News for the news that cares for priests, deacons and seminarians, who will be able to learn about the news that concerns them from the Dicastery and the world.

In the section Training you will be able to find out about the courses and initiatives for teachers and teachers, and in the section Events leaders, such as opposition and dialogue, from the Vatican and the five countries.

Documents sent to the permanent establishment of the clergy of the country, regional and diocesan Episcopal Conferences, the rectors and teachers of the Seminaries, the delegates of the Permanent Diaconate will be able to discuss, inform news, testimonials and leaders to be had. on the website and in the social media profiles of the Dicastery.

In social media

The revival of the Dicastery for the clergy aims to create a network and provide a place for discussion and sharing of information in networks, with special plans for priests, seminarians and deacons and preachers and preachers. best practice and testimonies from all over the world.

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