DE-CIX launched its new Internet Exchanges in Mexico City and Querétaro

DE-CIX has launched its first two Internet Exchanges in Mexico, and plans to receive low-cost local connections from both national and international networks. The conference took place at the Soumaya museum in Mexico City with famous guests from the communications industry and representatives from various companies and organizations. The DE-CIX Internet Exchange will be in the Mexico City and Querétaro and they aim changing the connected ecosystem in the countryprovides a high performance, secure, robust and centralized connection platform for data centers, carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), content providers languages, cloud service providers, and companies and organizations of all sizes.

DE-CIX Mexico City and DE-CIX Querétaro will start in child care centers KIO, with data centers in Querétaro (KIO QRO1), and three in Mexico City (KIO MEX2, MEX4 and MEX5), all fully interactive. Expansion to other data centers is planned over time.

DE-CIX Mexico will also directly affect the growth of the connected ecosystem of DE-CIX Dallas -the largest mid-range connectivity platform for carriers and data centers in the Southwest, and one of the 15 largest connectivity platforms in the US-, which will release direct low-latency, high-performance access to the cloud, content and applications from North America. Beyond Dallas, the new IXs will be integrated into the North American and global DE-CIX ecosystem, providing direct access to thousands of networks. From day one, the service will include local and remote peering within DE-CIX’s global peering ecosystem, including personal peering, direct cloud connectivity, Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) and cloud ROUTER.

“DE-CIX is committed to improving the potential of the digital economy in Mexico by providing better performance and user experience in terms of content and applications, as well as more Internet access again and beneficial for businesses and millions of users “Users in Mexico deserve digital services of the best and for this the best infrastructure is necessary, deal with low latency, and find content, cloud and applications as close as possible to the end user, both for private and commercial business,” he said. Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX. “In addition, Mexico currently does not have a good Internet exchange and a good social network ecosystem. The data exchange of nutrition in Mexico should be available in Mexico For this reason, DE-CIX is ready to meet the needs of the connection in Mexico not only with peering, but also with modern business-level connection services , such as cloud connectivity and direct access to cloud-based applications.

The company says it already has clear commitments from several local and international networks as well as international air service providers to connect to the new DE-CIX IXs, and His goal is to grow the Internet Exchange in the next 12 months. With many Mexican organizations already connected to the DE-CIX interaction ecosystem in the US, this step will allow Mexicans and other Mexican networks to connect locally in Mexico City and Querétaro, shortening the way to exchange information, and thus, provide low latency connectivity. Based on DE-CIX’s extensive experience in other regions of the world, the new IX’s should be completed soon.

The growth in the area of ​​cloud services in Mexico – with AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and Google, among others, already installed or ready to enter the market – will therefore be beneficial better thanks to access to the North American cloud region, which will allow companies to connect directly to the cloud through the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange.

About Mexican business

With nearly one hundred million users and one of the largest markets in Latin America, Mexico has a growing user base, telecommunications industry and digital economy. . Mexico is home to more than 600 networks, ranking third in Latin America. Data worker revenue is expected to reach $3.4 billion in 2023, and new data investment is expected to reach $1.15 billion in 2028.. Strategically located in the submarine cable route between North and South America, and enjoying land connections with America, Mexico is a good place to invest in a fast and diverse network of its northern neighbors, allowing the content, use and climate in Mexico to go. meet the growing demand for low latency connectivity in the country. Mexico City, with the highest GDP of any state in Mexico, stands as a traditional location for the country’s data centers, while Querétaro has become a new location for data centers and cloud workers.

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